Trailering in the SNOW


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Have to move snowblowers and a L2050 Kubota with bucket and 64 snowblower in the back to several sites during the same day. Has anyone any suggestions as to sway control, lenght of trailer etc
We run trailers in the snow and havn't had a problem yet. We use a 20' enclosed trailer, a 14' landscape trailer and an 18' skidsteer trailer. We use them to transport quads and blowers. We use the skidsteer trailer for the skidsteer.

They handle fine, I live in a very hilly town with some narrow roads. Works fine for us.

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plans your trip in consideration. avoid big hill, very hard to back up or turn back if you can't go up. Brake on trailer are necessary electrics are the better, Hydraulics may not work due to icy streets. tow a trailer since 93 during snow events and got no major trouble, even with the 16' transporting kubota B-20 with cab and blower tow by gm 4x4 3500.

take it easy and watch the curves, innapropriate speed make the trailer over steer.

using a corolla 4wd with trailer too for snowblower and never get stuck !

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