Has anyone heard of or know of a towed sander had the thought of putting a sander on a trailer with brakes and snow tires so that anyone of my three trucks could use the sander includeing the blazer My accounts have little or no areas that require backing so that menuvering is not an issue I was even thinking of building a trailer that I could mount a sander on backwards(so as to keep tongue weight as it emptys what are your thoughts on this


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I would seriously question the safety factors involved when pulling that much weight during icy conditions. Loaded V-box approx. 2 tons w/dry salt minimum plus the trailer weight. Probably wouldn't bother me too bad if I were just treating light snow accumulations. :(


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When I was in NH and Maine this fall I stopped at a Curtis dealer in NH who said he mounted them on trailers because "who wants to ruin a new truck with a sander". To me it is a work truck so I actually laughed at him. I can't see it being very effective. Hard to maneuvar and not very safe IMO.

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I looked at this situation a few weeks ago. The spreader, if you go with a 8' v box, weighs approx 1000 #'s. The trailer weighs approx. 1200 #'s, plus the weight of the material, which I have heard runs from 2000 #'s up to 3100 #'s. So, in my opinion, seems like a lot of weight to be pulling around in a icy mess. There is a company near my house that manufactures this type of set up, and complete with surge brakes, all the wiring, and a stainless v box , 10 hp briggs, he was looking for approx. $6000.
That was a Tarco spreader. Not to familiar with the company, but by looking over his equipment, it looked like nice workmanship. If you want I can get you a phone number and some more specific info, if you need it. Presently, I was told approx 30 day wait for any new orders..... Good luck...

Only my 2 cents worth ( Not that it means much )

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During the Dec 9 storm I saw a local school district towing a drop spreader behind a pickup-dont know the brand but it was as wide if not wider than the truck and he was doing laps around the parking lot and sidewalks.

Looked like a big orange scotts drop spreader with a ball hitch lol.

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Vbox on trailer


Have a friend who ran that setup. He did not want the Vbox in his truck all the time. It was easier to hook/unhook trailer than install Vbox every event.

He would tow it to site, unhook and plow. Then rehook, sand and be done. Yes it is a little extra time involved. His trailer was GVW'd @ 7Klbs so it was never overloaded. IMO a good idea for certain situations.


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