Trailer Brake Wiring

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I've got a 98 GMC 2500 and am hooking up an electronic brake sending unit. Need to tap into the wire that sends the brake signal to the back. Can't access the pedal wiring, just wondering if their was an easy way or certain color wire to tap into. Thanks for the help.<p><br>Mike

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Somwhere you have to find the wire that goes fomr the brake light switch to the brake lights. No idea where/what it is though. I took our 97 to a trailer hitch palce and had them tap in for me and leave the wire dangling so I could hook it to the brake controller. Incidentally, you already ahve the wire for the brake leg in your wiring harness. Two extra wires in the package that ends just ahead of the rear bumper. One is for trailer brakes, the other is a battery charge lead for trailer battery. If it's like the 97, those wires are terminated and taped to something up near the brake booster on the firewall. Saves having to run the extra wire and the factory one is all nice and snug in the factory harness all the way back.


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I hooked one up on a little older truck last year; there was a terminal in the junction block that I plugged into. Made it a nice and neat job. You can use a test light to find the correct terminal. Just press the pedal down and look for the test light to light.

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