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Fairbanks AK
Anyone running a new trailblazer? I went to the dealership yesterday, but they only had one and it was on the showroom floor. The minivan is getting tired and rusty. I hear that new inline six is pretty sweet, and I've always liked those motors (I6's). Any input is appreciated. Thanks


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Dayton, Ohio USA
I work at the plant where they are built. At the Detroit auto show it got awarded the truck of the year.
The engine is great and STRONG. We had to take horsepower out of it for the truck there is still plenty to spare.


Chuck Smith

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Back in August I got to ride in one. I was looking at some sites out of state, and the guy had one. Easier for him to take me to all the sites rather than follow him. The only bad thing I can say is I am 6' 3" and I felt very cramped in the passenger seat. The driver's seat didn't look like it had much more room.


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