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I have one in my truck, i mounted it against the bench seat facing against the rear window. I paid $50 for a used arrow stick, and $50 for a brand new whelen arrowstick controller.

It works pretty good, i don't use it a lot though.

chicago IL
I used to have one mounted to my Back Rack but tool it off and sold it because i did nothave much use for it. I had a fed sig
8 lamp. Not really handy with snowplowing unless your using the flash pattern of it or pulling someone out of a ditch with a left or right arrow going.

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North Jersey
I would say arrow sticks are mostly used for construction zones and lane closings. Basically contruction on roadways. Snowplowing it can be used in the flash pattern but otherwise, unless your plan on closing off partial roadways etc. there isn't much use for it.

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