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  1. slplow

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    Well just traded my 97 gmc 1ton dump 42k. For a new dodge dump. My gmc was a lemon. I have lost faith in gm and it's to bad because I never had trouble with my 82 or 87 gms.
  2. john r

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    Why Dodge?
  3. plowking35

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    should have gotten the new HD lineup from gm. I drove one yesterday and it was awesome. I have a 98 Chevy K-3500 chassis cab, and very few problems with it, I am sorry yours had so much trouble. At least it didnt burn.
  4. Kent Lawns

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    The new GM is awesome.
    Get out your wallet.
  5. plowking35

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    I know 40K for an ext cab p/u with 8' bed is alot of cash. Wait a yr or two and the pricing will come down. Its a refined power, like a european luxery car with the d max, that may be why fans of the other type of trucks dont think it has alot of power. They are used to being slammed around by the auto tranny and ill mannered diesels that are in them.The grade braking feature on the tranny is unreal, until the other guys can match the performance of the entire drivetrain, they dont stand a chance, except with die hards.
  6. thelawnguy

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    With body, you are looking at ~$10,000 difference in price between a Cummins Dodge and a Isuzu GM. I think I would have gone with the Dodge also, esp if you are looking at a vehicle in the 11k gvw range.
  7. Stonehenge

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    And for GM trucks of that size, see if you can find someone who can take advantage of the family discount plan. Those trucks (up to 16,000 gvw) count toward that plan.
  8. OP

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    No way would i give a nother dollar to gm.Here is a list ofthe problems.
    2 fuel pumps
    3 alts
    2 batts
    $1,500. into the front end.
    paint cracks
    can't hold a plow even with the barrs tund up
    a mysterious no start problem ( starts one day will not start the next day)
    oh the list goes on.
    I chose dodge because my 96 dodge with 62k all i have done to it was put 1 fuel pump.
  9. cat320

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    Well i'm a gm man but i saw a 4504x4 today and it looked pretty good i wish gm would come out with there version of it.I heard the dmax is a kick ass engine from the 62-65 diesel page guys.
  10. plowking35

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    gm will have a 450/550 type truck by end of the year.
  11. Kent Lawns

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    Just curious, your '96 Dodge a 1500 or 1 ton dump.
    ~Seems all the guys happy with their Dodges have 1/2 tons and all the guys ripping them apart are the 1 tons.
  12. DaveO

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    Enjoy your new Ram! Sometimes I think my kids like it more than me!!

  13. JCurtis

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    Dino, sounds to me like you're getting awfully close to pulling your wallet out for one of those new HD's.

    Right now I can only look and drool !!!!
  14. Mike Nelson

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    I think JCurtis is right,You must be looking to spend some of that snow money.Will the new truck have a beautiful Bow Tie?
  15. steveair

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    I am just curious about all the problems you had with the truck. I understand that sometimes a truck/car can be a lemon, no matter what brand it is, but with the list of things you mentioned, I have to wonder what you were doing with it also.

    I think the problem with chevy's is that they are not meant to do the same things as bigger f450's and what not do, but its a problem these days because everyone uses these as a 'standard' for what a mason dump should do.

    One thing that bothers me is that the items you mentioned sound like they may not have been the trucks fault persay. For example, having to replace batteries, replace alternators, and having front end problems could be a problem in many plow trucks. Were there any wacky electrical set-ups on the truck, like 10 lights, radios, flashers, beacons, electric plow pump, etc. that may have caused reoccuring problems? Did the truck have the heavy duty alternator/dual batteries? Also, what size plow is on it? Personally, the biggest I feel that should be on a chevy front end is a 8 ft, but see a lot of 9's on them, and yes, they squat low with that. To make matters worse, they have a 9ft and a loaded v-box in the back, which is what I would call past the trucks design.

    Was wondering if most of this work was under warranty also. With only 42k and 4 years old, I'd imagine most of it occuring during the warranty period. Did the dealer give you a hard time fixing it saying it was abuse and not workmanship?

    As for the fuel pumps, I believe chevy had a recall on them and was replacing them. Not sure for gas models, but my friends 96 6.5 diesel had two replaced also, and that was free of charge. I guess I will admit that chevy screwed up there. Also, will admit that sometimes chevy have the paint peel, especially around the wheel wells and off of the 'plastic' fender extensions. Been a problem for a while that they have had for awhile.

    With the front end, all I can is its a chevy front end. A compromise of ride quality over strength. All I can is, if you really want to work the front end of a truck, then stick with the fords.

    I can't blame you for buying a different truck, but just am interested in what was so wrong with the truck that made you hate it. I've heard many people say that there truck sucks and breaks all the time, but then again they fail to mention that they were hauling around 3 yards of topsoil, pulling a 20 ft trailer, and a 10k machine around with it all day on unpaved backroads doing 65mph.


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  16. OP

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    Steveair,it come's down to reliabilaty. I do have a 9ft western and the plow is lighter than a 8ft fisher that most of the guy's around here put on them. There was also a lot of other problems like intake manafold gaskets, a switch that change's the tanks( not fun to run out of gas in the at 2am with guage reading 1/2) that happend 2 times. I also have a friend that has the 3 of the same trucks and all 3 trucks have had a lot of problems too. He also has had it with gm.