Tractor sweeper broom options (Stationary sweeper not rotating broom)

Discussion in 'Sweeper Forum' started by CK82, Sep 4, 2019.

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    Hey All!

    Would anyone have information on a stationary sweeper/broom for a mid to large framed tractor?

    Lawntec, a Canadian contractor runs this type of broom on his Kubota 110gx, to drag out residential driveways. He stated that he fabricated it to go from 8ft. to 14ft. He also stated that many Canadian conctractors utilize brooms.

    Does anyone have info on any makers of this type of a broom? Again its not a rotating broom.

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. OP

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    @seville009 , Thanks for taking the time to respond and pull up the old post.

    Brooms definitely clean the best and being able to flex work great. Rubber/poly edge on a plow wouldn't be the same, however maybe on something that had down pressure and was setup similar to Lawntec's broom frame may work.

    I still am not sure where to purchase the broom material, or how he fabricated his setup. Lawntec's tractor setup is what intrigues me the most which is on another thread. We can fabricate well, so if I could just understand detail more probably could do the same.
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    It looks like one of those forklift warehouse brooms

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    Titan attachments has forklift brooms. Pretty reasonably priced.
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    Thanks Guys for the info. I'd like to have the foldable boom extension option which make the broom extra wide, however that definitely would be a fabrication job. Just not really certain how to get the ball rolling here with tractor mount, broom frame, broom, etc.
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    I believe titan has 5' and 6'. Could probably get 2 and do some custom fabrication.
    There stuff isn't the most heavy duty, but built good enough to last if not abused.
    I've bought skid steer adapters, auger bits and a few other things.

    Edit 5 minutes after posting, I got an email ad from titan attachments. The Google is spying on me again.
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    SweepEx, I believe a decision of SnowEx seen here on the forum has a broom I was planning to build from like LawnTec did.

    Post from above about the rubber has me thinking I'd ADD the rubber as the "first pass" in front of the broom bristles ...
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