tracto snow plowing questions


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What would be the best setup for plowing snow with a Ford-3000 tractor. its been 4 years since we've had a plowable snow, so its something i seldom need to do. it has a 6' boxblade and a 4'front bucket. Do i need a different blade or can i bolt extensions on the bucket (for more width), or just find a wider bucket?

the jobs i'll be doing are small commercial lots, how should I charge?


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If you have not had a plowable snow in four years i would do nothing to the tractor but use it like it is.If you were to get anything maybe a set of chains,ford 3000's are fairly helpless with out weight and chains.

As for billing,might be kind of hard to get a monthly so a per time or a health hourly rate would work.


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digger, thanks for the advice. snow work in southwestern ky appears to be a cyclical thing, its been awhile and i fear were due.

In the past i've charged per push, guess i'll stick with it.

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