Traction help Jeep: Snow tires, cables, chains or just more weight


OK I've been doing our church parking lot, house, parents house and our medium size business lot for a few years with a 04 Jeep and a SnowDogg 7' plow. Works great for us because we have a lot of tight spots.

That said, If I don't have a chance to get on heavy snows right away, it's a lot of extra work moving all the snow with a relatively light vehicle. As we get near the end of winter and things have really piled up and the lot usually has at least a skim coat of hard pack on it (or ice) I really lose traction.

This year I'd like to improve it. As far as I can tell my options are:

snow tires and a set of rims ($1k, studded or not?)
cables (I have to drive 14 miles round trip daily to plow the different sites)
chains (again, the drive)
adding some weight (and where to add it?)

I have zero experience with snow tires and the rest. We live in Iowa and I have a lifetime of snow driving under my belt BUT it's all city driving so front wheel drive or AWD on all season radials has always been enough.


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What I’m hearing is l, you have a need for a larger piece of machinery or a 3/4 or one ton truck to move the snow.

i plowed with the jeep and jeeps can gothrough a lot of stuff but you’re asking a lot of it.
and now you wanna ask more of it you add more traction more stress on the drive line.

And the answers to your question is yes .
my question is how much weight you have behind the rear axle now.
And model yr of jeep.

Yes to chains for all four, you don’t have to use them all the time.
yes, get the studded snow tires you want them all the time.
counter weight, To offset the weight of the plow and to gain traction with the rear axle the one that is suited the best to do most of the work.

Remember this is a job and your vehicle needs to be dependable so you can ensure your ROI


Well OK! First, it's an 04 Jeep wrangler. Inline 6.

I should clarify, I don't get paid for this, the church is mine (I'm a priest) and the business lot is mine too :) (family owned tool making business).

So getting a bigger truck is out, plus our prop is weird, a full size truck would be a navigational nightmare.

Right now I have zero weight added to the rear or anywhere.

So, add weight and tires I guess?


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SE Michigan
Does holy water really come
From boiling the hell out of regular water?

Always wondered that…

throw some salt down if you have access to it, get that hard pack off so you’re pushing on pavement and not ice.
You don’t have to do it every storm, but maybe towards the end when it starts packing down though and it gets warmer during the day.


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being a man of the cloth doesn’t change anything family business still doesn’t change anything your vehicle needs to be dependable when an old lady slips and breaks her hip in the lot you are maintaining the church is going to be on the hook for this.

There will be many more to chime in critiquing my post, your post and by the end of it if you’ll stick around for a page or two …they’ll have you pretty well dialed in and you should be ready to go for this winter.


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Running chains would be a pain and may not be legal on the roadway but would be good to have a set just for those occasional nasty storms. Theyll scratch up blacktop but probably wouldnt matter if theres already a layer of hardpack on the lot.


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Snow tyres and weight behind the rear axle like others have said.
Maybe a salter that slides into the hitch receiver???

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Get some good snow tires, 500# in the back and you'll be just about unstoppable.

I second that. Good snow tires and weight equal to the plow as far back as possible.
Also, plow before the snow gets to heavy and you might have to take smaller bites.

Having plowed with Jeep wranglers since 1987 I can say that REAL snow tires and #300 BEHIND the rear axle will help immensely

I Prefer Blizzak Tires

As for chains and studs they will scratch and mar the parking lots.
550# of pavers in a box in the back, and a set of Cooper Discoverer M+S studded tires, made my jeep amazing last year.

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