Track loader suggestions

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by MT250, Jan 26, 2020.

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    Taks are the best built, most power, and sturdiest machines
    Cat has the best creature comforts and ride

    I've ran...Taks, Cats, Bobcats, and old ASVs
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    What about mustang and case,
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    Older mustang's are taks, I've ran wheeled cases and 1 new holland tracked that was junk
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    The older Mustang MTL and Gehl CTL line were Takeuchi TL100 and TL200 series machines with different cabs. Their newer RT stuff is in house designed and not nearly as good imo.

    The older Case 1800, XT, and 400 series are far better machines then the newer Alpha series as well imo. Can't say I've ever run a newer Case machine and felt the need to add one of my business.
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    Really like our T595. Ive spent minimal time in any other loader, ran a bit of John Deere, demo’d a SSV75 Kubota and like that machine, it was very smooth. I’ve ran a case a couple times and it seemed very whiney and under powered. We put a 10’ box on our t595 in the winter and it pushes it, just need to know how to use momentum and gravity to your advantage. Overall I really like the bobcat machine and in 800 hours have only had 1 issue with a common wire grounding out. Dealer support came out and fixed it in 10 minutes. Dealer support is key as to any piece of equipment. The t595 is 74hp in the 590 frame.




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    If you switch to the bar tracks or zig zag bar tracks like the camso sd you'll find the T595 handles the pusher much better. The tracks will make it a different machine in the snow, mud, or steep terrain compared to the factory offset block pattern tracks. One downside to the zig zag bar tracks is they are rough on turf or sensitive ground no matter how careful you are.
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    Never ran a mustang, the nursery here uses them.

    The case I ran was a pos, cab rattled and caused issues with the parking break, couldn’t really make
    an assumption on using it a few times.

    bobcat, not really a foot pedal guy but I heard they changed that.

    Lease a cat for the summer for loading mulch, it’s a cat 259 whatever letter they use now, I like the joy sticks, wouldn’t say it’s the greatest thing ever. and much like the bobcat, it doesn’t float...
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    Bobcat has offered hand controls since the late 90's, the earlier ones had the tendency to be jumpy but the later stuff is pretty good. I'm not a fan of E/H controls but to keep it short, bobcat hasn't been only hand/foot for many years.
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    That’s nice. The ones I used still had the foot controls. Started leasing a cat In the summer around 2012 or 13 I’ve liked it, anything else just seems different.
    Wouldn’t say cat is the greatest thing ever, would base it on user preference.
    You go to any dealer, they’ll preach that their machines is the greatest and bla bla
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    I think the best loader is the one with the best dealer support. They are all mechanical, they all break. Get what you can afford with the best dealer support.
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    That's true, dealer support is the key. I wish they "all" were mechanical! These machines are now like cars/trucks,hitting them with a hammer doesn't help anymore:hammerhead: .Darn electronics , unless you are a computer expert with a laptop loaded with proprietary software you're sunk. Simple digital display goes out ,bobcat wants 1300$ for a complete panel that needs to be flashed by dealer. Probably a 5$ display. Anyways,dealer support is now even more important than 10 years ago.
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    WELL SAID..........PERFECTLY! I had a John Deere 244J, for 4 years, no major issues, however, Nortrax dealer in New Hampshire said we no longer will be servicing the smaller units, they were 40 miles away from our shop, my other John Deere facility that would was 38 miles south(traffic nightmare) or 60 miles east.
    Sold it private sale, bought a used CAT, brand new state of the art facility 14 miles away, yes dealers are expensive, however, parts availability /service great if needed. My two cents. But like Mark said, I don't care what brand, crap will breakdown sooner or later.
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    Well its 80 degrees outside in Minnesota so I don't know if this site will see much traffic now but I need to get a little more serious about finding a track loader. I might try renting one of each that I like for day.

    Do the multi-terrain loaders have any significant advantage over the fixed track loaders in the snow?

    Does anyone use the Camoplast/Solideal OTT tracks on a wheel loader?

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    I put McLaren rubber ott on my gene 5640 recently and it’s not even the same machine anymore. The traction and float over soft ground is outrageous.
    Adding the extra 1200# at the ground also helps a lot with tipping points. Altogether a nice economical option if you don’t want to spend 40gs on a track machine. The skid ran me 13k with 1500 hours and the tracks were 4K.
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    I think the OTT tracks are under appreciated. I was out with mine a couple months ago. Another guy was helping with a big ASV. He got stuck in a low spot that looked dry but was soft. I could literally drive mine in circles around him. And my tracks are maybe 50% at best.

    I am surprised they add 1200#. I think that is double what my Goodyear tracks weigh. Thanks for the reply.
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    The mclarens are all rubber but there’s probably more steel around them for the rubber pads to attach to than a normal pair of steel tracks. I was very surprised myself when the shipping weight was 1400#.