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upstate new york
I have a '99 dodge ram 2500. each year i plow, at the end of the season the front end is very sloppy. I bring it back to the dealership and they put a new track bar in. i'm at the end of my warintee. does anybody have the same problem? and if so, what do you do?

thelawnguy Addict
Central CT
My truck has 73,000 miles plowing every winter, first track bar went south at 15k, second one is still tight.

With your record, I'd go to the parts counter at your local auto supply place and get an aftermarket one with a replaceable ball joint this way you just replace the end, or adjust it, rather than the whole thing.

John DiMartino Veteran
My track bar on my 96 went 67K,I had to replace i,t I just put an ew one on my 2000,it has 57K on on it.You can get them at Napa,for 1/2 the price of a Mopar unit,and a lifetime warranty,so that it what i would buy if I was out of warranty.


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Re: trackbar.

I just got one today for my truck. Dealer will warr. one year. The aftermarket one I picked up today from Federal mougal was Warr. lifetime. And yes it has replaceable joints. I also needed Outer right joint that comes off the pitman arm. hope it helps.

nsmilligan Veteran
Nova Scotia
I have a 98 2500 V10, track bar at 30K, just finished replacing both tie rods at 65K the drag link was done at 55K, I think Dodge has got a way to go in making their front ends live. Also the links for the sway bar wore out, these little darlings are over $100 CDN each! I found a couple of tie rod ends at a local surplus shop for $7 cut them to lenght, drilled and tapped a 3/8 hole in the end of the rod screwed in a 3/8 stud, and I had new links with a greaseable joint from less then 10 bucks each! Also the only aftermarket front part I could find for the 2500 HD front end is the track bar from NAPA.


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