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I'm glad I found this site - there is a lot of great information here. I have a question that I hope you all might have some thoughts on. I have a 87 Toyota 4x4 with a 4 cylinder engine, 31x10.5 tires and a 5 speed manual transmission. I would like to get a 6.5' plow to do my gravel driveway that is about a 1/4 of a mile long (and maybe our church parking lot). We rarely get over 6 inches of snow at a time and if we did I would just plow more often so I wouldn't be pushing a mountain of snow. Does it make sense to get a plow with this set up? Does having a manual transmission make a big difference (will I just burn up the clutch)? Any help would be appreciated...




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I don't know from experience, but there is a landscape company in my area that has about 10 of these trucks w/6.5 meyer plows on them.

Every storm I see them out there.


There has been threads already about plowing with smaller trucks you might want to try the search feature at the top.
For non comercial plowing like you suggest you will be fine. I can probably summerize the things you will hear from the other guys. Most people prefer auto trannies but there is nothing wrong with stick. Don't slip the clutch and you will not have to worry about burning it up. Biggest factor really is the workout your leg will get. Your truck will push the snow with a 6.5ft fine ,might have to use low range for wet deeper snow though. It is good to plow with the storm rather than waiting til its done if your gonna get 6inches anyway.I know you can get a Western, Meyer, or Sno-Way plow for it. For what you say you want to use it for it is definitely a good idea. If you are interested in picking up more lots though you will want a bigger truck with a bigger plow.


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The only thing I would be concerned about is the 4-cylinder. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge. You may find yourself using 4-wheel-low more often.


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The 4 cyl will push fine,power is the last thing you lack when plowing,you can always go in a lower gear,the biggest thing is dont smoke the clutch,that means possibly using 4-lo, depending on the gearing it has,31" tires are a little tall,and will work the clutch harder in high range.I doubt traction will be a problem,but if it is throw a couple sand bags in the bed,mkae sure your alt belt is tight and in good conditon,along with your battery.



I have also been very interested in plowing with these trucks and have found out from calling around and speaking to many people that they work great in the snow and push very good and they have alot of power and the 4cyl 22r motors are unbreakable and the 5 speed last longer than an automatic. I think you will find that toyotas make a great truck and you will never get stuck with one of those things. Most poeple put either fichers or snoway plows on them. They are very manuvreable and very durable trucks. All of this is not plowing experience but what i have heard. I love these trucks but they are so cramped inside but they are great and never get stuck.:D

PS: They are not fullsize so you cant expect too much power from them.

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