Towing specs for my truck.


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I have a 1978 Chevy truck, 1/2 ton C/10. 350 4 barrel engine with 350 auto trans.
I am looking to do some towing with it and can not find the specs on max towing weight.

Anyone have any ideas? I have a Haynes manual and they are not in there. I don't have the owners manual either.

I hope it can handle a 5500 lb trailer, but don't know.


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Its a frame mounted receiver hitch.

I know what the hitch is rated for, but I want to find out what Chevy says the truck will handle, and maybe what you guys think it could pull.
I don't want to put on a 5000 lb trailer, have Chevy say it will work, and then have the truck only doing about 20 mph up a hill and 95 mph down the hill.

Chuck Smith

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It should pull it no problem. My father towed a 5000# boat for years with various Jeep Grand Cherokees without trouble, and that is a MUCH smaller truck.

As far as hills, your axle ratio will decide how fast you can go.

I know there are some trucks in your year range that had the ridiculously high (low numerically) rear axle ratio around 2.72:1

Now with THAT ratio, you'd have problems unless your were going downhill.


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