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I have a 1997 GMC one ton dump with a 9 ft Western Plow. The tortion bars seem very weak and the front end sags. I tried timbren load springs but bent the frame mountings. Is there a heavier tortion bar for these trucks for the weight. Because I have seen other trucks with heavier plows which do not sag like mine does. I also tried adjusting them but to no avail. Any suggestions....


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How did you try to adjust them? DO you have the plow prep package? Do you have the 12000 gvw? And I know this will sound silly but it is a 4x4 correct?<br>I have a 98 k-3500 cab chassis, and I had the same probs you did. I to have the timbren load boosters. I turned the torsion bars up about 3/4 of the adjustment bolt and gained 2 1/2&quot; of height and it holds my v plow much better. My adjustment bolts are at the end of the torsion bars, in a cross member. <br>I also installed taller tires and no longer am I referred to as the el camino from my ford and dodge competitors.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment<br>


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don't forget to have the truck realigned after a change in ride height. I would check with the dealer about heavier duty tortion bars.

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How big is your plow?It sounds lke you are just plain overweight by too big a margin.All straight rail C+Chassis have a 4500 Lb axle,some bent rail 10000GVWR only have the 4250 axle assy.Dino's is the 4500 so he's got more to start with.Look on door sticker for front axle rating.Have you weighed it?Look on the build sheet in the glove box,try to find the 3 digit code VYU,or F60.These are denotations for HD springs,if you dont have 'em go aftermarket(try Rancho suspension),I think they'll cost a fortune at the dealer.Twisting the bars works,but the spring rate is still the same,you run a bigger risk of yeilding the bars or snapping them,and it's a rather crude way of getting around the real fix(stiffer bars).What engine do you have?A 454 or diesel sags a lot worse than a 350 from my experience.If you are going new I think a set from a truck like Dino's (diesel)with the F60 option would be the heaviest set available from GM.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


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be carefull if your truck is still under warranty, most dealers will tell you that they will only allow 3 or 5 turns of the adjustments for the torsion bars.(i don`t remember if it was 3 or 5) more than this will void the warranty. 97 probebly isn`t still under warranty though. <p>frahmie
The tags on the torsion bars will be labeled as LGK and RGK or LGL and RGL. The first L and R is for left and right hand side. The last letter indicates the rating. F is Std duty in a 1/2 ton, G is Std in a 3/4 ton, K is HD in a 3/4 ton gas (ie. snow plow prep pkg) and std on a diesel; and the L's are HD in 3/4 diesel/454 and in the one ton. You should have the L series torsion bars.<p>----------<br>JWM<br>

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