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Toro Power Max

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by AnthonyL88, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. AnthonyL88

    AnthonyL88 Junior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 7

    Have anyone try the Toro Power Max 828LE? The Ariens 8524DLE is on backorder now.
  2. Switchless

    Switchless Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 74

    FWIW, I'd run the Yardman 9.5hp 28. I've had ariens and toro. They all have the same drive train, in fact the Yardman has a heavier chain trans, no duel gear reduction and faster top end speed. Ya know, since they make you over $100/hour and you can have a dummy wreck one just as fast as an expensive Ariens, it's really a no brainer to go with Yardman. They are balanced better than the Ariens with a heavy front end that doesn't want come off the snow nearly as easily, either.
    Compare a new and old Ariens, and you see how "Ariens" has changed the front bottom edge like a Yardman and made it straighter so the snow doesn't weep out the side. Also, look how they've gotten away from the squarish front housing and gone to the higher rounder housing which pushes the snow back down onto the auger, like the Yardman. There's much more than just meets the eye......Like my 20 years of just snowblowing. Hope this helps. FYI, a brand new Yardman 9.5 28" just went for under $900 I think on ebay.
  3. HandyHaver

    HandyHaver Senior Member
    Messages: 279


    I've been watching those Yardman's on Ebay also. Seems they go for around $920-$1000.

    I'm running a Honda520 now but was thinking of going bigger if I get this church with a lot of walks.

    Been looking at the Toros, Ariens, Hondas, & YardMan.

    I'm liking the yardman for the money.

  4. Switchless

    Switchless Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 74

    I was doing all the walks for a 151 unit condo for 6 years, and used the Toro, Ariens, bearcat and Yardman. I worked alone or with one helper. The little things are what made me sell the others and go with the yardman. I’ve had them all apart, and as I’ve said, the Yardman was actually more intelligently made. The slider for the speed control on the Ariens was mainly supported in the middle and end, allowing the pressure as it went to the far end to diminish. The Yardman was supported on either end and offered constant pressure in all speed ranges. The speed range of the Yardman was also much wider.
    The yardman is a single chain reduction unlike the Ariens, which lets it freewheel and push much easier. The chute on the Yardman is strong plastic and doesn’t ice up as with the Ariens. They are places plastics works well (G).
    Both have bearing and bushings in the right spot. And, even if the yardman may be missing a bushing here and there, which in the larger machines they are not, the price is much cheaper.
    Furthermore, with the engineering of blowers jumping by leaps and bounds, it’s stupid to think of keeping a machine for many years, when the newer ones are becoming more productive, not to mention the giant return on your dollar for the small amount invested in the machine. Currently, I’m using the yardman 13hp 33” and the Cub cadet (yardman* MTD) 13hp 45”. The 13/45” is just awesome for lighter snow and breezes through a driveway in not time.
    If I didn’t mention, the killer on any snow blower is turning it around. If you lock the wheels it’s a bear to turn, if you don’t it, “wiggles” back and forth as either wheel slips. This is very tiring after 3 or 4 hours behind the blower.
    The Yardman (MTD line) is the only line to offer a full time locked drive, with independently disengagable wheels. There’s a little lever under each handle (the bigger machines) that lets you disengage each wheel. Also, when disengage both wheels the blower will roll with almost not effort whatsoever.

    BIG DRIFT Member
    Messages: 62

  6. Switchless

    Switchless Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 74

    Do you still have the 33, 45" mtd snow blowers? I'm thinking about getting the models you have.


    I'm still using my 13/33 MTD/Yardman. It's my workhorse. It's still running fine and nothing has gone wrong or broken. I've hit 2 or 3 newspapers and had to sawzall them out, but the auger belt is still OK.
    I sold my 13/45 because I got a plow free, so after making a pass or two with the plow I finish/cleanup with the 13/33.
    I've seen both the 13/33 and the 45 (troybilt, still MTD) on ebay. They look almost new and cheap.
    I keep talking to the local plow guy's (and they agree) and unless you have a Jeep, I believe it's almost as fast, and much less abuse on your truck, to make the main passes with the plow, and do the "L" sections" or the like, which requires a lot of turning and backing up, with the blower.