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Toro 21 inch single stage productivity

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by fivepoints, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. fivepoints

    fivepoints Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    Hello folks, this is my seventh season doing snow. Currently use a 32 inch and a 28 inch dual stage blowers.Thinking about going to the toro 21 rubber paddled blowers. I do several sidewalks at condos and a retirement home and several businesses. Also about 20 plus driveways after that. Are these machines pretty quick. Apparently lots of people use them. Just would like some feedback on guys that use them before i buy one or two. Thanks in advance Rob tymusic
  2. DaveCN5

    DaveCN5 Senior Member
    Messages: 236

    We've got 4 of them. We like them just because they are light weight and can throw them in the back of the side walk crew's trucks. They work well with a few inches of fluffy snow. If you get any heavy wet snow, forget it. They're definitely faster than shoveling and scrape pretty well too.
  3. cold_and_tired

    cold_and_tired PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,247

    I got rid of my two stage blowers the first time I tried a single. The scrape better and move faster than a two stage.

    Lightweight - you don't need ramps to load or unload. Being so light also makes it MUCH more maneuverable.

    I still keep a two stage around for wet snow but if you don't try to break any land speed records, the single stage can handle wet, heavy snow as well.
  4. fivepoints

    fivepoints Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    Yes light and easy. I have a helper clean behind me, Im thinking of going to two of these and put something on the reciever so i can keep salt and couple shovels in the truck.and we can both blow. I found i didnt use the two stage blowers on sidewalks as they seem cumbersome and hate getting my teeth rattled when i hit bumps on the concrete. so id use them after a good few inches of accumalation.

    Do these blowers seem to puke much off the sides requiing a second pass or clean up
  5. LwnmwrMan22

    LwnmwrMan22 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 28,362

    It's all we use. I've used them on up to 18" of snow.

    Like others have said, don't try to set land speed records on deep deep snow and you'll be fine.

    We make 2 passes with the blower on a 3' sidewalk, then tidy up with a 36" pusher if need be.
  6. DaveCN5

    DaveCN5 Senior Member
    Messages: 236

    Nope, they are good about keeping the snow in the auger with little to no spill off. Adjusting speed helps too.
  7. fivepoints

    fivepoints Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    thanks for all the replies. i did a search and found some good info also. think ill buy one to start. Plus they would be easy for newbies to learn on aswell.
  8. Lbilawncare

    Lbilawncare Senior Member
    Messages: 144

    Single stage are the only way to go on sidewalks, for full driveways the 2 stage throws farther but is a lot slower.
  9. srl28

    srl28 Senior Member
    Messages: 407

    What brand and models are you guys using in this type blower?
  10. cold_and_tired

    cold_and_tired PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,247

    Toro 221QR.
  11. kimber750

    kimber750 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,681

    I have a honda 5/21 and love it. Little bit heavier than the 3/21's but the extra power is nice.
  12. forbidden

    forbidden Senior Member
    Messages: 392

    4 Toro's, headed to 6 shortly. Best move we made! It took our seniors homes from 2.5hours to 45 minutes.
  13. keypunch

    keypunch Junior Member
    from Canada
    Messages: 5

    I used this for the last part of winter '10/'11 and all I can say is WOW. Slush? Shot it about 4-5 ft, which was plenty far to get it off the side walk. Light snow? People across the street will think its snowing. Decent snowfall? (In my area thats only 3 - 6 inches) still shoots it out no problem.

    First I thought it was a little crappy since it was shooting snow out the back at my feet. I then realized that it was my own bad technique. Among other things I was trying to hold the little beast back. I was walking too slow.

    That model with the quick slide adjust is pretty nice too, quickest chute turn I've ever seen. I'll definitely be getting another when its time to expand.

    *EDIT* I'm pleasantly surprised too that the slide adjust didn't freeze up. Maybe with more use this year that will change.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2011
  14. cold_and_tired

    cold_and_tired PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,247

    That's the first thing I tell new guys. You have to go at the machines pace, not your own. I love them and will probably never buy a two stage blower again.
  15. DaveCN5

    DaveCN5 Senior Member
    Messages: 236

    Agreed. This is a perfect example of how fast they move. I'd like to see a 2 stage move this fast.