Too much ?


It will be here tonight. About 10". Doesn't sound like too much, BUT, add that to the slush, the warm temp(40), light drizzle, and I may be calling my buddy with the grader. Hate to do that. It's a sign one cannot handle ones territory.

On the other hand, have been pushing slush this morning, and am down to bare roads.

It's supposed to be one hell of a storm. Hope I have enough turnouts left. Let's see........2,500' X 10" X 25' isn't too much snow to plow is it ?

Think I have it bad......the road crews already have the big blowers out and the banks are getting high.

Have fun guys..................

P.S. Already have had 2'3".


Stamford, CT
I'm Jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya know, its not bad enough its hasn't snowed a single solitary flake in my area yet.....

But then you get these wisea$$ smartalexs who like to rub your nose in their good fortune!!!!

Hey, I'm only kidding, Thats a fair amount of snow to deal with so early in the season.

JAA whats the accumulation in Salt Lake so far ?


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winterset iowa
hey we finally got some snow, a little on the grass and vehicles. just enuff to turn things white for 1/2 the day. i think its gonna be like 45 again tomorrow(friday) but supposed to be gettin some weather from out west by sunday, sounds like yer gettin it good huh:D .

well have fun
Mark K


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Albany NY
I've seen awhole 2" of slush so far this winter. I'd take 2'3" of snow, I have a lot of brandy new equipment I haven't even gotten to scratch yet. Oh well glad to have those flat rate contracts, otherwise I'd be in trouble.

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