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My first winter plowing snow. I have about 1/3 mile driveway thru the woods and the snow is getting so high on the sides it just falls back. I started plowing as wide as I could get, and pushed off where I could, but with over 3' on the ground it wasn't enough. What to do? BTW, I plow with a 7'6&quot; Boss HD Steel Straight Blade.<p>Any tips from ya'll will be much appreciated.<br>


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when you start to plow, push the snow off as far as posible.i push the snow 3 feet or more. Then if you get another snow befor the first snow melts you'll have someware to put in

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Ok I plow a lot of private roads, and up to this year have always plowed them with an f 350 9' diamond blade. Now i use a 10' fisher blade on an f 650. OK this is what i can tell you, the deeper the curve in the plow, the higher you can pile snow, when casting it to the side. If you can add some sort of extension to the curve of your blade. Then keep your speed up, and you shouldn't have a problem. In 96 this method worked fine plowing many private roads, and in 3 weeks time we got 3' of snow. Plowing private roads and long drives is almost a specialty type of plowing in my mind. If you plow a lot of long runs like that, i would advise you to buy a Diamond for your next plow, which will stack snow very high. Also if there are any curves in the drive, push back as far as you can. So if you have to dump snow someplace you have a few turn offs on the side of the drive.<p><br>Geoff


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Better yet buy a frink adjustable plow. It changes from a straight moldboard to a wing plow left or right. It is pretty cool. Try frinks site for a pic of it.<br>In the mean time, you will need a loader of some type to gon into the driveway and push back the banks, and next time leave as much room as possible at the first storm.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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That frink plow is cool. I just wonder what the cost is, and about more parts to fail. I almost bought a frink blade for my F 650. The dealer said you can put one on the truck but it's like plowing with an S 10. Just too much weight for that truck. The 10' fisher does the job, so i am happy. <p>Has anyone ever saw the wing plow you can buy for a pick-up? Or does anyone own one?<p>Geoff

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I seen a wing plow on a 90 F350 that was doing a private road.It worked good,the wing mounted off of a bracket that he had fabricated that came out from the frame behind the cab.It was a flatbed 9ft or so.It had a 9ft Fisher in front,an 8ft fisher wing and 2yd sander.He said that you had to keep the sander at least 1/2 full for wet,heavy snow and that even the 7.3 diesel would bog when pushing full passes.It was a cool setup,the wing came up along side the sander.He made it himself and if I had a camera at the time I would have used the whole role on this one.This thing worked awesome and cut his time in half.He didnt use a wingman to operate it,all by himself.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
i have this same problem up here in new hampshire. i live about a 1/4 of a mile on a dirt/gravel road off of a class 51/2 town road. i do two things. first i plow with a tractor so piling snow is no big problem but second, i use a polyurethane edge which lets me get off the gravel and dirt, onto the grass with no worries about digging up the turf and having to fix it up next spring. i feel more secure that the edge allows me to do this, and by the way i also have to come over a timber bridge that prior to the urethane cutting edge, the planks had to be changed nearly every other year.<p>vince

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There is no such thing as too much snow. If you have a problem just get a loader, haul it to a place where they don't have enough snow and charge them for it. We love this stuff. Biggest windrow that I ever had was 37 ft tall in 1965. We did more damage to the parking lot with the dozer that we were using than it was worth but the customer needed the lot cleared(funeral home). The equipment today is so much better than what we had back then. Did you ever think what the Romans used to clear roads back when all roads ran to Rome. The thought of a chariot stuck in the ditch

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About the wing plows, several companies make them for one ton trucks. &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;W-Cote&lt;/a&gt; makes a setup for a truck which includes a straight plow and a wing. Their is a neat video you can download on their website that shows the setup in action. Other companies that make are ; Everest, Henderson, and Norweb Sidewing. &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;H.P. Fairfield&lt;/a&gt; sells quite a few brands of plows, they sell one called the HP-102 wing plow. They have info about it on their website.<p>Bryan<p>----------<br>The Snowplow Homepage<br>

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