Too all you Tundra guys!!

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    One more question... What is the approx. height from the ground on the truck side mounting plates? I am thinking of going three inches up front so I can clear curbs when I am pushing snow. Thanks again for the information, not many guys using a full size plow on the Tundras to gather info from.
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    I did timbrens in front and firestone airbags in the rear. The truck still drives like factory loaded or unloaded.

    I put a 1.5 yard western striker in the back and load it pretty aggressively and she is still fine. Don’t forget the air though or your ass will be on the ground quick
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    When I'm near the truck I'll measure but I remember with the receivers
    To the bottom of the reciever brackets I have 12.5 inches. With the plow up, drops an 1 inch
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    I had Bilstien 5100's on my Tundra with an 8' Fisher and I wish I had gone with the 6112's. Go with the 6112's and you will be happy.
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    Mercer me did you also run timbrens or similar up front? Was your 8' Fischer a mid-weight or heavy duty?