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Busy day today. Reorganized our storage garages for the winter. Took one of our snoways in to be serviced. Tested our salters. Lined up a new E-60 to replace the POS E-47 we've been nursing the past three years ($1400.00CDN including new wiring and installation) - expensive up here. Bought 2 new blowers - Honda 621's ($2150.00CDN including our taxes of 15%) - I envy you American guys. Put out flyers to our resi's about driveways. May seem late, but we had to see if there was any room left on our schedule first.

Finally, went in for a surprise face-to-face with a guy we quoted and hadn't heard from yet. He said he'd decide on the 15th, but obviously wasn't planning on letting us know he'd decided to go with another contractor. He told me he threw out the low and high bids...we were the lowest. The next highest bid was DOUBLE ours!! Never had that happen before. I explained that his location was very convenient, we plow next door and two more within 2min. Also, not too complicated, lots of room to put the snow, no difficult obstacles, large piles could be relocated on site, etc... Anyway too late now. Sucks to know we could have doubled our bid and probably have gotten it. Strange thing is we've had several bids rejected this year, and many in previous years, because we're too HIGH. Oh well, it's up again for tender in March and they're looking for a full-service 12mo contract over three years. We'll try again then.

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He said they "share" contractors with the plaza across the street, and when he showed their management the price they said NO too low. They probably thought we were a couple of fly-by-night yokels who would do a piss-poor job, if at all. Problem is, we're not and their bid specs ensured that non-professional contractors would not be allowed to submit a quote at all. I told the guy that I also would usually discount the low and high bids. As the low bid may reflect a lower level of service, except WE deliver top quality service and we have the experience and references to back us up. For snowplowing, reliability and quality of service usually count more than just price. This was one time when the lowest price wasn't "too good to be true." His loss...and ours I guess.

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Decent day here

Keeping in mind that I'm in an area where the lots are not that big, and snow panic doesn't happen here, we had a pretty good day. Picked up two jobs today, one that I had told the ower straight out that he could get a better price but probably not the same level of service. They called today and will be returning the signed contract with the initial 20% payment. Almost a $3,000 job, nice for this area! The other is on by the push for now but he's pondering going with a fixed contract for the year. Nice little job, and another $1700 or so whichever way he goes. I know, small potatoes compared to some of you guys but still pretty good projects for this area. And the local solid waste district came back earlier this week. Last year they went with a lowballer and called us in to take it over, by the push, after the first storm. Next week we're shopping for a small Vee box to set in the big pickup, we'll move the tailgate hopper over to one of the S-10s.

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Its pretty standard, with multiple bids, to discard the high and low bid if they are way out from the pack. The high bid for obvious reasons, the low bid, I suppose its because they assume you left something out, or wont be able to fulfill your commitment?

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I'm wondering if the other contractors had some inside info on this particular site. Hard to believe we'd be that much lower than them, when they're the same guys we bid against on other similar sites, and frequently bid the same price or higer than they do. We simply put in a price similar to other lots of equal size and scope that we already have under contract. So...they're getting taken to the cleaners and don't even know it. Anyhow, like I said, we'll get 'em in the spring.

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If we find out that we have the low price, we call the customer and ask questions. If we are the low price, we made a mistake, and we tell them that up front.

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Hey Alan if you didnt get that v box yet call me i may have 1 for free but you have to come here to pickl it up call me 845-485-4200
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