Today is a Good day

GeoffD Veteran
After weeks of waiting, and sand/salt runs in between, the first run back in October. Today was the day, at 6 am the weather guys were saying 2-4" that morning I made the call to get anything that wasn't on site yet on site. So I had the guys deliever a few things hear and there. At noon time the weather guys were saying 3-5" during the day tommorrow. So we are ready loaders and tractors in place, the shovelers trucks loaded up, plows on the trucks, we are ready to rock.

Tommorrow is going to be a busy day, time to start getting up early again.



I'm watching the same storm. Eager to get out for the first time this season and see if the new guys can really plow. It's 10:45 and Im wondering if I forgot anything. Just have to find out in the morning. If my pager doesn't ring tomorrow with angry property managers then I will consider it a success. I'm most curious to see how the new walk behind mower-snow plow works. I saw it in this fall's snowmag and I knew I had to try it. I bought a 3' garden tractor blade for $50 and the welder charged $150 to modify the frame and put a shovel rack on it so we don't have to backtrack. We do at least a mile of walks at one of our condo jobs and it could potentially cut the time by 2/3. I'll know tomorrow.

Alan Addict

That same storm is due in here too, Geoff. Forecast is 3-5, with less towards the Canadian border. That's only 25 miles north of us so we may be on the northern fringe. Will know more by this time tomorrow. I'm going after a few hours sleep, it's due in here after midnight and as soon as I have two flakes down I'm going to hit it with Magic salt with a little extra liquid poured over the load. Temp is suposed to be down near 10 so I want the extra Magic in there to get things moving.

matthew Urban

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Western Mass
Same storm here, they are saying anywhere from 2-6" (depending on the source)with sleet and freezing rain, and I CAN'T WAIT. gonna watch the 11pm weather and get some sleep, planning on 4am or so.

TLS Addict
Me too, looks like freezing rain here in East PA, sleet and snow maybe 1" , so I just got back from laying 1 Ton of salt and Lesco melting walks. I was out before it started. On my way home, some roads were like an ice skating rink (really bad and scary) Well at least my lots will be black in the morning. Tomorrow, its expected to get up near 40 degrees, so its the early AM that I was worried about.

They are calling for another something on Saturday!!!


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Phila, Burbs
well Philly looks like a wash. about 1am and just some rain/freezing rain. I'm doing only res. this year so the only walk I'll be doing is my own. Good luck out there. I just gotta wait for the white stuff.

Michael F

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Rochester, NY
Well its 2:30 am waiting for driver to show up,he's still got 5 min before he's late, trucks are ready to run day number two we've already got 4-5 inches on ground and coming down hard. I hate plowing in traffic but going to be stuck in it today.


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Good luck guys,I know a few of you have been waiting for this,I only got a dusting here, then to freezeing rain on to just rain,To much warm air in place here.I did get a salt run in.JRB


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Pittsburgh, PA
DOn't you just love ice, not!!! Cars everywhere!! Just got home from spreading 4 ton of salt. Buckets of fun here in western pa. Hopefully next time it will snow!!


Stamford, CT
Just another salt run for us snow deprived plow guys in the Stamford, CT area.

This just isn't fair.

Thinking of packing up and moving to Erie or Chicago.

thelawnguy Addict
Central CT
Lol, central CT is/was a sheet of ice at 4 am, spread 2T of sand/salt mix. The co I get my mix from was open at 4:30am today thank goodness.

You guys can keep the freezing rain.

DaveO Veteran
Enjoy it Geoff

Another big storm aorund here. We got 1/2" of sleet, then LOTS of rain. Same crap as the last 4 years. Forecast for rain Sat, Sun, and Monday. So much for the extra Xmas $$$.

Hope you having FUN Geoff!!


John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
We got 6" more this morning. Gonna have to go out and clean them up again tonight too. More coming Saturday and Sunday.

It isn't even winter yet and we are 2/3 of the way to our average already.

Gonna be a great way to end the year..... Sure will pump up the financial statements.

Alan Addict
We got to play with the new toys in fine shape today. 4" on the ground now, I'm taking a break before I go after the residentials. Looks like a long evening ahead and something about sleet/freezing rain on Saturday. AWRIGHT!!


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Finally got snow today and got to play with my toy I got last August - Fisher 7'6". Got my first commercial - small, but everybody has to start somewhere.


slplow Veteran
Got almost 2" of snow and sleet plowed/sanded my parking lots (new fisher speader works awesome)and got to try out new pull plow on a couple of elderly customers driveways. Did not plow the other driveways cause people give me a hard enough time when I plow 2.5" which is my trigger.


Finished up plowing this morning 4" we got on Wednesday, during the day. Had just gotten 8" on Sunday night. I've made more in the last 3 days than all season last year. As Geoff said originally, today is a good day. Hope you all have the same.

GeoffD Veteran
Total accumulations 6" snow started around 5:30 AM ended around 2 PM.

The first trucks started to roll at 6:30 am on private roads. We are still at work after a 3 hour break (9- to midnight). Should have everything cleaned up by 4 AM


Eric ELM

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I wish we could share some of the 20 plus inches we have here west of Chicago. We plowed all night last night again and I'm running out of room to stack it. We have another possible 5" more tomorrow night into Saturday with high winds, more coming Monday and Wednesday. The Wednesday one could be another big one and with high winds. Come on out guys that haven't plowed yet. I could use a break. I'm to old for this staying up all night, night after night.

I'm serious on the no room, I was Chatting with Paul tonight, BTW it's his LawnSite name, and he knows I'm about out of room and has offered to let me use a skid steer with an eight foot push box on it. He has one about a mile from where I plow. I haven't even met him yet, but what a nice guy to offer his machine. I have met around 20 plus people that are Lawnsite Members, and what a bunch of top notch people we have here on the LawnSite forums.