To the Secret-Agent Boss Observer:

Hi Mr. Secret Agent Boss Plow Observer. Got another new 8'2" this season, works great, as expected. The paint is holding up well, better in fact than the sticker. The sticker on the front partially ejected yesterday - now it only reads "__ss". I just can't wait for the abuse to start coming in from the Western and Meyer owners. Suggestions please.

Deere John

Senior Member
Ok. Mr. Secret-Agent-Engineer-in-Charge-of-Glue-and-Paint-at-The-Boss-Plow-Plant

Two days ago, I thought my problem resolved itself. The balance of my precious Boss sticker ("__ss") got left in a snowbank before breakfast. Good I thought. No more __ss jokes. However, ...

Today, a guy came up to me and asked me how I liked my new WESTERN? Yikes!!! Reply now please. Check my profile.

((Dino, get the GRIN off your face.))

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