Titan XD with XLS?

Discussion in 'Import and Other Trucks (Light Duty)' started by plowguy43, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Just tossing the idea around in my head. I'm strongly considering an XD (Have been since they came out) and they finally have support from bbn plow manufacturers. So I believe the fgrvw is 4900lbs which is low for an xls but guys have been tossing xls/V plows on the older 99-10 2500HDs GM trucks forever and they are also rated at 4800/4900lbs. So here I an thinking of giving this a go. Anyone have any opinions or actually have the truck and currently plowing with it? Hows it handle the weight?
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    Let us know how it works...cuz I wouldn't.
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    Well I know it's not ideal, but comparing the two you'd think its plausible. Everyone runs too heavy of a plow on the older HDs, some until the frame breaks lol.
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    Keep in mind, the front GVWR does not tell you how much weight you can ADD, just the total you can have on there. If the Nissan is heavier in the front end from stock, then it's not the same situation

    For giggles, I ran a best case scenario with a 2010 2500hd, gas, regular cab, 4800lb. Fisher recommends every possible option up to the 10 HC. For the same best case on the XD, it's only a 9hd or 7.5 xv2. That's a huge difference
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    I’m running a snowdogg stainless VXF 95 on my 16 platinum reserve titan xd with the Cummins and she handles it just fine I handle bigger commercial lots, been going all season with no issues the truck pushes like a tank
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    Haven’t run those trucks but I would suspect some of the difference in what a truck can run is based off of wheelbase and width of the truck. Suspension design plays a role, weight available behind the front axle, frame stiffness, etc etc.

    My opinion is to run a smaller blade/lighter plow and stay within the engineers guidelines. A extreme v 8.5 with wings is a couple hundred pounds lighter than the xls