'Tis the season to be ... predatory

We have had enough plows here now that I have been able to watch the market. We still have some room (??) left on the roster, and today I approached three accounts of others that I believe to be underserviced. I got a positive reception reception from two, and a "I don't know where that guy is" from the third. Hopeful. Full sales pitch given to all.

Does anyone else play their markets in this predatory way?

Michael F

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Rochester, NY
I don't do that but I do cold call all businesses in areas we service in fall, as well as property management co.'s. Currently noting what equipment is at what sites(large sites), I was asked to bid a site last fall, had two loaders on it with pushers+& skidsteer w blade for walks. Was to big this time, will be up for bid, was 2 year deal, I know I'll be asked again, I deal with the Managment Co. for serveral sites, they love our work, even give use round numbers for bids. Was first time bidding on snow work for them, but I now have very good idea on numbers.

John DiMartino

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I was wondering the same thing,I just went and checked my commercials tonight,and they are looking great,far and away the best on the whole industrial drive.I then went and looked at my competitions work,and there are about 4 lots that i believe to be underserviced.They are icy and unsafe,the trucks have packed the snow to ice,and inadequete service has left then in need of a thick coat of magic salt to start,I am going to approach the managers of these sites tomorrow,I will give pitch,leave my card and recommend they look at my accounts if they want to see professional work,I already have permission to show my accounts.


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John, we don't do any snow removal yet but are considering it for next year. How do you approach the other places to do their lots? Do you use pictures of sites that you maintain or do you just tell them the sites that you do in the neighbourhood. I do this for lawn work but not sure about the snow bus yet. We're still not real sure we wanna go the snow route, I prefer to spend the winter in Florida but with all this snow we're starting to wonder.

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