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Ran one set of them,, they're ok, but not for the money. Had two trucks then, one a K1500, one and S-10. Identical plows, both Sno-Way 8' straight blades. Nokias on the full size (LT225/75-R15), Cooper Weathermaster on the S-10 (P225/75-R15XL), the S could outpush the K easily. Had one place that we had to back in and push downhill with the big truck and could plow uphill with the little one. It's Coopers on all of them now. Cooper now has a tread design which I think is called CTD and is available in 245/75 and 235/85X16 in load range E. They look impressive and the local store manager puts his truck in some pretty impressive places (not plowing)with them. Cooper is a bunch less $$ than Nokia as well and non directional tread.


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I have a set of Cooper CTD's on my 2wd mason dump. I have not had the truck in the snow yet but they look pretty impressive, so I guess this winter will be the test.


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Told my tire dealer what you said. He does not sell Coopers and insisted I try the Nokias, Ended up giving me a really good price($145 each mounted and balanced)and put studs in for free.Will let you know what I think.



Glad you guys brought up tires. Mine are the originals at 32,000
miles the are worn to where I should get new ones b4 the snow
flies. My buddy swears by these Goodyear "workhorse" tires. I have never seen them on anything but his trooper. They look mean and nasty. Deep treads and tough rubber. Does anyone think I should try them or get the replacement Wranglers?


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Get those Goodyear Workhorse tires. I have had them since the beginnning of last winter. I have the Goodyear Workhorse Extra Grips. I was amazingly impressed with how well they worked on my '93 F-250, before I had all-season tires on it from when I bought it last year. The traction was very impressive, it seemed as though I could go anywhere, generally without 4x4, but with weight in the back. Jusy my two cents on the subject.

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Matthew, I definitely recommend the Goodyear Workhorse. I had a 2wd 1/2T that would lose traction on frost on level ground. Spent half my time stuck and waiting for a pull.:mad: Got a set of Workhorse on the rear and made all the difference. Still not close to as good as 4WD, though.


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I prefer General MT Grabber's. I had a set of 33X 12.50 's on an old truck and never had a problem with them . They have a very aggressive , self cleaning tread. definitely a winter Only tread, unless you are off roading too.

I plan to install a new set on my current truck, although I will run 31 X10.50 so I don't have to lift it.

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Nova Scotia
Do you guys have remold tires down there? I've posted this before but the BEST winter tires I've used are ETS remolds. They are cheap, studded 215 85 16 about $70 CDN that's $45 US. They are SOFT and are only good for winter traction. A set of spare rims mounted with these tires is cheaper then name brand new tires. Plowing only I can get 2 season's out of a set. I switch to my pretty wheels and Michelin LTX's in the summer. I'm going to need new ones after 3 summers. There's no-way any tire that will live in summer heat at freeway speeds will give you the traction you need to plow snow. So why pay MEGA-BUCKS for pretty, trendy tires, when the ulitmate end is to move snow and make money? Remember also that a narrow tire will push and go through more snow then a wide one. I run 215 85 16's on my GM and Dodge for plowing.


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