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I run a 1985 GMC crew cab dually with an 8.5 boss plow and a 2 yard buyers sander. What type of tires should I run on the back with 16" wheels and how much each tire is.


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First of all, you should get a 10 ply tire for the load you are carrying.

Are you looking for traction or long life?

Because a soft tire will give you plenty of traction, but will wear out quick. A hard compound tire will lack traction, but will last a long time. That is unless you are spinning your tires 90mph trying to push a snow pack ;)

Not knowing your exact size, but guessing your size should be 235/85R16.

Don't forget all 6 of your tires need to be the same size. If your truck is 4WD, all tread patterns must match.

Number 1 pick: Uniroyal Laredo Lug (soft compound, high traction, studdable if necessary) Call your local shop for pricing.

Number 2 pick: Firestone Radial Mud Terrain (harder compound tire, still should give you decent traction and long life)

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