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What would be the best tire for plowing. Right now I have 315 75r 16bfg on the truck. Would it be better to go back to the stock size tires or keep these on. Stock size is I think they are 265 75r 16. Which is better skinny tire or wide tire for snow:confused:

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Scotty, that is the equivelant of a 35" tire. Even with a low gear ratio of say 4.11:1 that will be a lot of strain on your axles. Personally, i would go to www.4wheelparts.com and get a set of Pro-Comp Mud Terrain 305/70 16 (equivelant of 33" tire) Only use them for snow plowing. I use them on my Ford and they have proven their weight in gold. I am on my third season with them but I use them year round. Plus, I go wheeling with them and they are awesome in sand and mud and rocks. Just about everything you can throw at them. Every other tire I had I chewed them up in a year. Especially the BFG MT's You can get a set of those Pro Comp's for about $500.00 delivered.

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