Tire PSI for F-350 PSD


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A buddy of mine works at a ford dealership and tells me that the reccomended pressure for the rear is almost 80 psi and the front should be around 50-60, does that sound right? course it depends on the load rating of the tires. As for ballast, ive always been told at least 700#, with a salter and all the salt ive not had a problem though

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Check the sidewall of the tire. Typical is about 65 psi, but it DOES vary. For instance, the tires on our Dodge 2500 can carry the maximum weight when inflated to 85 psi ! Read the tires, it's in very fine print on the sidewall. As far as ballast, maybe someone else here has the same truck and can help. All but one of our trucks have V boxes, so amount of ballast is not an issue for us.



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I am pretty sure the Boss website has an interactive selector, to choose a plow for any truck. One of the last things they do after you have selected the plow and truck is to let you know the amount of ballast needed for that combo.



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There's a sticker on your door jamb that lists tire size and recommended pressure. Keep in mind that they are targeting people who want a nice ride, not work trucks. I found that when I inflated to the maximum sidewall pressure, the truck rides stiffer, yet handles much better. In my life, a truck's a truck!

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Yeah right Pelican, a truck is just a truck. I've seen your trucks just alittle more than just trucks. LOL Now to answer the question we run aound 70 lbs on the fronts of our Chevys one a 3500 srw flat bed the other 3500 drw dump. The rears fluctuate from the mid 60's to 70 lbs depending on which truck has the v box on.




When I had the stock Steeltex's on I ran 70 lbs. front and rear in the winter with no problems. I have 55 lbs. in the BFG's I run now.

I have a similar plow(8.5 Western V) and the truck performs perfect with about 650 lbs. loaded right at the tailgate.

Also, an almost must upgrade is some Monroe Muscle's or Timbren's up front along with some adjustable shocks. I have Rancho 9000's and crank them up to "5" when the plow is on. You wouldn't believe the difference


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On my 02'350, we a running 80 #'s in the rear, and 75#'s in the front ( for the winter, less in the spring when we don't use the blade) we are running fisher 8'. I know this probably sounds high, but those stupid general tires wear real bad any less than that. Also, I don't use any weight. I have had no problems...
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I run a 97 F-350 with 295/75/16 BFG A/T's, also a 03 F-350 getting set-up Thursday/Friday :) . In the winter I run 65# front and 80#rear. I do have a 460 gasser in this truck so I run less in the front, I have a V-box sander so that is the reason for the high pressure in the rear. If you have a V-10 or V-8 I would run around 60-70#, if you have a diesel go with 80# because then your carring a lot more motor. As far as weight, you could get away with 800 lbs, but more can't hurt either.

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