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Hi folks!
I wonder, what tire pressure is recommended for my 86'C30 CrewCab 454 Dually.
thanks for your help

John DiMartino

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Look the tires for the maximum pressures,then if your not loading to the max you can usually reduce them a little.I know with LT truck tires,C(6) ply tires are usually 50 psi,D(8) ply are 65 psi,and E (10) ply are 80 psi max.If you have E or D range-which you should,you can run them at 50 psi if your only at 60% of max weight,it will rie a lot better.if your loading it to the max,air up to 80 on E ranges,and 65 on D's.Good luck

Chopper Lover

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Take a peice of chalk and draw a line on the tread of all your tires from inside to outside...

Under normal weight load, drive a couple blocks without many turns and look at the chalk lines...

If the center of the tire has no chalk line, that is to much air in the tires. If the outside has no chalk line, that is to little air in the tires. If the chalk line is evenly worn, the tire pressure is "just right". (This is starting to sound like Goldilocks and the 3 bears)...

Don't be surprised if your front and rear tires need different pressures.

I hope this helps...

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