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On Spot Chains

Install them once, flick a switch to use them.


Work well
Just flick a switch to use the chains.


Must be going 5 MPH to drop the chains.
Speed can't exceed 25 MPH
Cost 1500 dollars


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For pickup use where the wheels will be pulling more than just the vehicle's weight, use a brand name of v-bar tire chain.

Find a chain supplier, or a cable/choker supplier in the yellow pages and chat them up about a set of good quality chains. For a pickup, I think the links are made from 0.300" wire, and the cost is about $90 per set. A set with over-centre cam locks eliminates the need for bungie cords unless you want to go fast.

I carry two sets in my truck and my wife has a set in hers. She doesn't plow, but she can, and has, rescue me with the stretchy rope and chains where needed.

You'll not regret buying quality, as they should last you years.

Cable "chains" are only good as a net to hold firewood in your truck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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