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Tire chains for a dually

Big Nate's Plowing

PlowSite.com Addict
Toledo Oh Hi Oh
Anybody have a source for dually tire chains that are not going to cost more then the trucks worth? I have ben looking and prices are $300 up, I just want something for when it gets bad out, if it ever does.



Western CT
Two options I would consider, not knowing anymore info.
1. Run on-spots on the inner tires. Works well if deployed when moving but high initial install cost
2. Put chains on the outer tires. Takes time at every install but provides constant traction and cost is low. This is what we do for our fire trucks and works very well. The only time I had to chain my dually I did this and had excellent results.

If we do need to chain we also run them in the front, but that is a different story. With the weight of both the plow and the spreader the truck seems to get traction from both front and rear.