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Tips/ideas on a 2006/2007 f250 super cab, gas engine

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Zack1978, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Zack1978

    Zack1978 Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 82

    Hey everyone,
    I am in the market for an f250 super cab with a gas engine. The truck would be used for general commuting, no WORK ever! The most it would do is pull two snowmobiles. Is the 5.4 a good engine? Are they still blowing spark plugs out the engine? What price should I expect to pay? What are the pros and cons of the type of truck that I like?

  2. Zack1978

    Zack1978 Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 82

    I just look at an 02 f250 with 17,000 miles on it. Asking price $16,000. WIll an 02 blow plugs out?

  3. hydro_37

    hydro_37 PlowSite Veteran
    from iowa
    Messages: 3,790

    The plug issue was taken care of early in the 2002 line. Some late model 2001's have the longer thread spark plug holes. Any of the aluminum heads can and will blow a plug if the plugs are not torqued to specs. About your engine question.... Try to get the v-10. same gas mileage as the 5.4 but alot more power when you need it. The V-10 doesn't have to work near as hard as the 5.4 to pull the weight of the truck around.
  4. Snow-Kid

    Snow-Kid Senior Member
    from nw ohio
    Messages: 364

    I had a 2001 f250 with a 5.4 engine and it did a good job plowing and pulling a 18 foot mower trailer, but when I was looking at trucks I test drove a 06 f350 v10 and I could tell the power it had. I have also heard that the v10 will get the same gas mileage as the 5.4 or better because it is not working as hard.
  5. Sweetpete

    Sweetpete Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Hey Guys:

    Okay, okay...the V8 is SAID to be a little underpowered. But, I love mine. Very reliable. Pushes snow like a king, and decent gas mileage. Looking forward, I'd probably go with the V10 also, but there's nothing wrong with the V8. It's an excellent engine.

    You'll get alot of opinions here. Let us know what you decide. To be honest, you really can't lose when it comes to Ford's gas engines in the Superduty lineup. Even more so, since it sounds like you're not pulling heavy loads all the time. The V10 is only $600 more to select.

    They're both very good engines though.
  6. sbrennan007

    sbrennan007 Senior Member
    Messages: 350

    Have had several 5.4L V8's and have loved them all. For what your doing with the truck you'll be more than fine with this engine.

    I too have plowed alot of snow (commercial lots) and tow a 10000# boat to the lake on the weekends. No issues at all.

    I've never driven a V10 so I can't comment on it, but I have seen that people get a couple of MPG less with the V10 than with the V8. Then again it could just be how they're driving it as well.
  7. magnatrac

    magnatrac PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,059

    I had an 03 reg cab f-350 w 5.4. I was alway kind of dissapointed in it's power. It had a 3:73 gear which didn't help things. I used it for work all the time and I knew it was hard on it. My wifes 06 f-150 was actually rated to town more than my 03 SD. I have 2 place covered sled trailer and the trans searched real bad with wind or hills. A 4:10 would have been nice to have. I now have a 07 v-10 w/4:10 gears and love it. It really isn't much worse on gas ,and it has all the power I need! I was goign to get a new three valve 5.4 ( more power than my old 2 valve ) but the 3 valve v-10 was only $ 600 more. The new v 8 makes it's peak tourqe over 4,000 rpm's. The v- 10 is down in the low 3,000's. If your just pulling sleds a v 8 will work, but get the right gear for sure. I was let down with mine but I had to buy it in a pinch!!! All of my trucks have been reg cab so I an mot sure it that makes any difference? I do love the superduty's, they are the toughest trucks I have owned!!!
  8. PPP

    PPP Member
    Messages: 95

    I own a 2005 F-250 SuperCab with an 8 ft bed with the V-10 and love it. It does not get worked daily, but on occasion. Just remember that the $600 or so for that option is short money in comparison to upgrading a V-8 to get any power gains. The gas mileage is comparable to the V-8 but that mostly depends upon your driving style. In the summer months I average 14mpg in all highway driving (65mph) and never better then 10 around town. The V-10 almost makes you feel like you are driving around in an 8,000 pound muscle car. The new 3 valve V-8's are much better then the 2 Valve ones of a few years ago. I may be mistaken, but I think the V-8 comes standard with 3.73's and the V-10 comes standard with 4.10's with 4.30 as an option. Carefully consider your options if you are giong to order one as opposed to taking dealer stock. But definately test drive a V-10 before you settle for the V-8. The only con's I can think of is the size for parking and the expensive fill ups at the gas station.
  9. Zack1978

    Zack1978 Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 82

    I love the look, style, and the "brute-ness" of the Super Duty, however I am starting to get nervous about the "Ford Built Tough" name. Is it really built tough? IS Ford's quality in the toilet?

  10. 90plow

    90plow Senior Member
    Messages: 739

    If your only towing a few snowmobiles why not get an F-150 or Suv, you could get an expedition, tahoe or suburban to do the same thing. I think an F-250 is over kill for the snowmobile trailer. I have an F-150 with the 5.4 and it can pull and still gets around 15-16 on the highway and around town.
  11. SpruceLandscape

    SpruceLandscape Senior Member
    Messages: 248

    I agree. If its mostly to commute and pull less than 5K lbs. once ina while, I would go towards a 150 instead of a 250. You can get much better mileage out of it with the 5.4L and possibly take the money you save and put it into more options or a another snowmobile to pull around lol.