tips at Christmas ?

How many of you get tips from your customers during the holidays? Do you solicit these tips, or is it something the customer does on there own. I am asking because I am curious. This my 1st year with my own accounts and I heard a conversation on the radio the other day about who getts tipped.
From what was said in the conversation it seems like we should all be tipped for our service. If I am it will be a pleasant surprise. I would not solict a tip but I did send my customers Christmas cards.

a palustris

new york
Soliciting tips is a big no-no. It is up to the customer if they are going to tip you. I heard somewhere about a company that will send out something for employee tips though. But I don't remember what that company was, what it does, or anything like that.

Arc Burn Addict
Heard the same topic on the radio today and everyone from the garbageman to the paperboy reported getting tips.I'll probably get tipped from half my customers,the other half think i'm to pricey anyways but hey,they get what they pay for!

A.L. Inc.

Long Island, NY
I provide snow removal for about 50 of my landscape clients, and a fair amount of them tip us at this time of year, but we are still in "landscape" mode rather than "snow removal" mode. My men actually get tipped more than I do, but that's O.K. with me. They work hard and my clients love them. I have also received a few bottles of champagne and wine, however I will save that for relaxing at home with my wife, NOT while I am plowing.;) Mike