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My current truck is a 1980 K10 with a tired old 350 I have put in to go with the 4 spd manual transmission(you know the one with a 'granny' gear). I have 'tinkered' on this truck for about 3 years now and am ready to put some major bucks into it (an engine rebuild and body work/paint job). Unfortunately, I can't seem to pass a Chevy truck with a For Sale sign in it without stopping to look. I have found a 1962 LB step-side with a 3-on-the-tree and the old inline 6 cylinder. The money is right--I should be able to sell my 4X4 and get this one with some money left over to start 'tinkering' all over again.

What do any of you guys know about those old inline 6's that Chevy made (actually, my current truck had one in it when I bought it, but it was shot and I had the 350 from my other truck I had wrecked to put in...)? Were they worth rebuilding, or should I look for a 305 or 350 to put in? The 62 would be more of a cruiser and minor hauling/towing whereas my 4X4 was used in hunting, hauling firewood, etc. Just looking for some input....thanks!
Don't know much about the old sixes, except that they were simple and reliable. I don't think you'll get a whole lot of power out of it, but it should go forever. Personally, I am a V8 fan, so the six would have to go if it were my truck. Don't bother with a 305, for the same money you can have a 350, which is a MUCH better engine, even in the smog years. As old as the truck is you can put in any newer (1962 and up) V8 and pass smog, so any of the higher performance V8s from the sixties and early seventies are in your range. Kind of depends on what you want. In terms of cheap, easy, and reliable the six will hold it's own.

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