Time Ticket books for Vehicles/equipment

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JCurtis, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. JCurtis

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    Anyone have a sample of a time ticket for trucks, loaders and backhoes, that I could duplicate?

    Looking for something I can make carbon copy type time books for my subcontractors to use and turn in every night.

    Feel free to Email me a copy.

    either at my business email jeff_curtis@stamhosp.chime.org
    or my home email JCurtis1@optonline.net
  2. Chuck Smith

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    Check you E mail Jeff. In place of "account" you could put "Parking Area#" Feel free to adapt it to suit your needs. Being a SIMA member has it's priveledges!

  3. Aspen Snow

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    Send me a copy of that if you would not mind.
  4. Chuck Smith

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    Check your mail.

  5. john r

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    Chuck, can you e-mail one to me. thanks
  6. JML

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    i would love one to if you don't mind, thanks

  7. columbiaplower

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    a copy would be great chuck and what are some other + to SIMA?
  8. Chuck Smith

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    Well, John R and columbiaplower, you need to allow mail from lawnsite for me to send mail to you. On top of that, I can't send an attachment via lawnsite. I have Aspen's e mail address, since we have talked before. J Curtis posted his address, so I was able to send it to him, plus it's in the SIMA member roster along with Aspen's since both of them are SIMA members.

    There is another thread discussing the benefits of joining SIMA. At the SIMA website, is a list of more. To me, one of the best benefits, is the networking with other members, and the sharing of information, much like here at Lawnsite. Members go out of their way to help other members. I could go on and on, but I don't feel this is the place for it.

    So John R and columbiaplower, send me an e mail, and I will reply with the form. It's in document format. Joe, check your mail.

    For SIMA info, go to http://www.sima.org

    My e mail address is in my signature... csmith669@aol.com

  9. bcngtr

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    How many members are in central NJ?