Timbrens vs. Airbag system on a 1/2 ton

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    What do you guys like better the timbrens or a airbag system i have a 04 chevy 1/2 ton just looking to be able to throw more salt in the back i looked at both of them and they seem to the be around the same price. look forward to your opinions thanks kirk
  2. basher

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    Air bags are adjustable, require maintenance and can leak. But provide a tune-able ride.

    Timbrens are a constant load support.

    Both do their job well.

    Air bags can be loaded to the point of truck damage, i've seen broken frames from continuously overloading a 5th wheel hitch on a truck with air bags pumped so hard they don't give before the frame. this on 3500 ford SD. it's possible to do even more damage to a 1/2 ton.

    I recommend timbrens for their reliability. never a failure in the middle of a storm.

  3. diehrd

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    I agree timbrens are the way to go
  4. mnormington

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    Airbags = more maintenance and fiddling with them but in return you get a nicer ride when you're not loaded down.

    Timbrens = put them on and forget about them but the ride is not adjustable for when you're not loaded down.

    Pick your poison.:D
  5. Burkartsplow

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    The timbrens are great. should have at least an inch of clearance between the axle and the timbren. so your ride is really not compromised by them unless you are going down a pretty rough road. They work great you just forget about them. no maintenance.
  6. dirtyedge

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    I prefer air bags for year round use. They are great for varying loads.

    If you don't have an onboard compressor they can be a pain, because you will have to fill them with an air compressor to match the load. After you figure out how much psi per load, they definately increase ride quality.
  7. Q101ATFD

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    There is nothing you can add onto the rear axle to be able to throw in more salt - especially on a 1/2 ton. That's a great way to mess up your truck and void the warranty (yikes!). What you should be looking for is something that will allow your truck to handle the same amount of salt, better. As mentioned, its a toss-up BTW timbrens and air-bags, but if you want my 2 cents, go with the timbrens. In my opinion, you wouldn't be getting your moneys-worth out of air bags if you're only putting 1,800 lb (max) in the rear end.
  8. merrimacmill

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    What do you guys think of helper springs? I've been looking at these for the rear of my 3500 GMC SRW
  9. basher

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    Go with timbrens
  10. B&B

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    I'll second that. ;)
  11. salopez

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    i say get a 3/4 truck and stop killing your half ton. sorry
  12. mnormington

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    I completely agree with this. Under normal day to day use I don't even notice the Timbrens. I have them on my Wrangler, however, and when I go "off-road" I do notice that they are there because the wheels can't go up into the wheel well on big bumps like they could without the Timbrens. The whole corner of the vehicle comes up instead. Also on rough roads like you mentioned. Very noticeable. I guess that's the only reason I always mention that the ride is affected. Other than in those situations I really don't notice that they are there either.

    They sure hold up my plow nice. :D