timbrens to fit my 03 silverado


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rochester ny
i have a 03 2500 4x4 my front end is to low my plow frame hits on inclines and curbs i need to go up about 2 inches will timbrens raise m truck and do they make them for a 03 yet

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Timbrens dont actually "lift"your truck,they are a rubber block installed on your suspension,with no load they dont really do anything but once loaded they compress and take some of the sag out of your front end,I have them in both my trucks and alot of guys here are using them also.Do the 2003's still have torsion bar suspension?if so you can tighten them up and gain ground clearance.I bought my timbrens at awsdirect.com good price and very fast service,had them in 2 days,hope this helps.

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