Ticking sound coming from engine. What could it be???

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by HuskerSnow, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. HuskerSnow

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    Hey guys, I have a 1992 Chevy K1500 with a 350. It's had a ticking sound for a while, but I'd like to fix it before winter hits. The sound is definitely a "tick" and not a "knocking sound". If I put the truck in park and rev the engine, it doesn't make the ticking noise, but if I put it in gear it starts ticking at about 1500rpm while I'm driving down the road. I was assuming it was a collapsed lifted, but I didn't want to tear into the engine on just a hunch. So I thought I'd ask you guys.

    Any ideas on what it could be??
  2. agurdo17

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    probably an exhaust leak at the manifold.
  3. 7_below

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    Ditto. I have 2 bolts that popped of the manifold and there's a little gap there. Makes a ticking sound until the engine warms up. Then it gets a little less.
  4. Raconteur

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    Buy a Mechanics Stethoscope. Will allow you to track down sounds .
  5. Joe Blade

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    Before you get into manifolds try the Lucas oil stabilizer product it works great you may have to run the engine for a good 15 mins at 1200 rpm. If that does not do it you could have a collapsed lifter or go back to the manifolds. If memory serves me right I think most guys are machining the manifolds and not using any gasket material now. Hope that helps
  6. 2COR517

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    flex plate?
  7. OP

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    I have a Mechanics Stethoscope, but like I said, the engine only makes the ticking when it's in gear. Won't do it if it's idling or even if I rev it in park. I'll try the Lucas oil stabilizer product to see if that works. I'll keep you guys posted.
  8. quigleysiding

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    I am with 2cor on this one. Didnt want to be tthe one to say it.::eek:
  9. White Gardens

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    Quite definitively a possibility. Even doing an inspection on my truck didn't show the crack in mine last year. Once we got out the old we could see the crack behind the extra ring/collar.

  10. agurdo17

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    ahhhhhhhh sorry you said engine so i thought engine.

    i replaced my fly wheel a month ago. cracked fly wheel. same thing. only when in gear forward and reverse. progresively got worse as it cracked more. chevy issue.

    500 bucks to get mine replaced.
  11. White Gardens

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    250 for just the flywheel on my 8.1. Luckily my neighbor put it in for me in 6 hours, :drinkup: just had to do a little work for him.
  12. agurdo17

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    mine was a 2001 6.0 2500hd
  13. Plowtoy

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    Worn Donut gaskets at the Y-pipe???? Dont know about the TBI's but the vortecs went bad all the time.
  14. larboc

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    I'd still guess header leak. There isn't much load on the engine in P/N but there is when in gear. The IAC valve increases throttle to compensate for the added load of the stalled T/C. This additional load could be causing the header leak to be audible at a tick.
    If your exhaust system is tight, you might try blocking off the tailpipe at idle in park to see if you can produce any noises at the headers.