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Thread search: repl Alternator for a 351

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Avitare, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. I hope to avoid asking but the thread search for a replacement Alt
    is providing too many to read.

    Looking for a high output at low end.
    Had one on the 92 , 5.0L but looking for new tech.

    95 Bronco 5.8L

    planning on a second battery but hard to find room under hood.
    But, I am planning to add a #4 for an extra Grnd to frame and
    add #4 from Alt to factory Bat.

    ...forecast is for a white turkey day...
  2. Trial run

    Nothing too creative

    Just going to try a Ford upgrade of a 130amp ( $90)
    and a new belt.

    Planning on larger wire to the Bat and from the neg bat to the frame.

    Nothing too fancy but we will know soon.

    Look forward to any feedback
  3. done and happy

    just in time
    snowing tonite and waiting for the family to drive up

    rebuilt the starter while we were at and a new
    surpentine belt, too.

    Then final total system eval with ford analyzer to get
    the best check over and we are about ready to go.

    Looking at a major battery switch with new generation
    of Diehard Platinum (135min reserve)