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Thread deleted?

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member

I moved that thread and some others until I can straighten this all out. I agree with what you said in that thread (Having Fun) about too much editing going on.

I am very upset at what has happened to this forum. I have always considered this "my" forum.
More has been edited in the past few weeks, than I have edited since I asked for this forum to be created.
Too many threads have been closed, and posts deleted. The members here deserve this forum the way it was, and that is what I intend to make it.

I sincerely apologize to the members who post in this forum for what has transpired in the past few weeks. We are currently working on "Standards" for all the forums here at Lawnsite. We are also working on procedures.

~Chuck Smith
Senior Moderator
Come on, lighten up. I've seen threads in the past (in other parts of lawnsite)that have deserved deletion much more than anything deleted lately. If someone made a personal attack, great, delete it. Stop there.

There are a few threads in the archives that are trash. Some of the originators or posters in those threads rarely (read never)share any worthwhile information, unlike the people that are being targeted now. Nobody deleted<b> those</b> threads. No action was taken, other than the repeated idle threat to ban the troublemaker(s).

I'm sure this site isn't the first to ask the question of when to edit or delete a thread. What is needed is a clear set of guidelines for the moderators to follow.

It's not like the past few day's threads have been so overwhelming to the server that you need the space, right? I've seen a slowdown. Don't know why the slowdown, but it does coincide with heavy handed editing. Probably just a coincidence, but maybe not.

I didn't mean to offend anyone, but if you are offended that's tough luck. Let your conscience be your guide.


2000 Club Member
Its when people dont use their conscience is when trouble ensues. What offends some, is fine with others. We are not the only ones to use this forum,it isnt our personal play site. We all need to use good judgement when posting. Jokes do not have to ensue in every thread. We get the prayer rug joke, and the magic joke and the toxic paint joke. I got those jokes a month ago when they were first posted. But lets move on. ANd frankly new people wont get it.

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member
Well, the forum was down for updating on Friday from 5 PM EST until midnight, so no posts were made then. That's usually a busy time here.

As I just said, we are currently working on Standards, and Procedures here on Lawnsite. Until now, there have been none officially. Clearly there is a need for them now.

And yes, I agree with Dino.


Excellent! I have nothing against Dino. He has been nothing but helpful and I think he deserves as much respect as the next guy. However, I would like to see him take a little less active editing role as one of the moderators for lawnsite.

I just think he has been taking some of the digs too personally and has let it affect his editing decisions. Good luck and keep up the good work.

I believe any types of criticism should be left to stand, whether it be towards lawnsite, members, etc.<b> Only </b>attacks, name calling, etc. should be disallowed IMHO. I don't see members being disrespectful to one another as a rule.

<b>There is a difference between calling someone a fool and letting them know what they are doing is foolish. The latter should be allowed.</b>


2000 Club Member
Look if you guys want a forum that just wanders all over the place with no clear goal in sight have at it. I mean if that is how you ran a business than it would fold in a week.
You are right there have been personal attacks, that is why some things were edited. Because they were removed, the general members didnt see the personal attacks so it looks like I am just being power hungry. I am a type of person that likes to see things progress in an orderly fassion, when that stops, one purpose of a moderator is to see that it stays orderly. Since the membership wants chaos so be it.
Have fun joke party ramble. I really dont care.
I have helped alot of people here and they have helped me. I just hate to see someone else turned away because they see topics waaaaaaay of course and feel that their ? will not be answered.
Thanks for your opinion of how I feel about editing, however since you have never met me, I have to say WRONG.
For the record I have a huge ego, as do many of us, and I am always right IMO. SO bear that in mind when I post.

[Edited by plowking35 on 11-05-2000 at 03:53 PM]


Senior Member
Come on; lighten up. We're talking about SNOW REMOVAL here! Nothing we do or talk about affects anything that is really important in life. If we were discussing Neuro surgery, then I can see taking things a little more seriously. I think there are a few too many people here that take themselves waaaaaaaaaaayyyy too seriously. Lighten up.