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this truck is killin me

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by cm82pa, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. cm82pa

    cm82pa Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    I have an 88 f-250, 5.8 efi eng. Heres what happened. I bought this trucka few years ago in not running condition, wouldnt start. I got it running with replacing some pigtails and repairing some wires. electrical issues have always haunted this truck because the previous owner let it sit all the time, not to mention never really washed it so rust is a major problem. Over time i have repaired all electrical issues,but everytime one is repaired one comes up. Heres the latest, Sunday after plowing for hours, I stopped to talk to another contractor, after about an hour of b.s. time I went to start the truck and had NOTHING. Batterys good, I found the hot wire in the ing switch and jumped it to batt +. Vrrroom, godd to go. Continued plowing drove about two days with it like that so monday night before the next storm I made the wire a little more secure. Tuesday started bout one in the morning, plowed until about 11 am. Headingdown the highway truck acts like it runs out of fuel. figured it was water in the gas, because I had just filled up a few hours earlier and now driving at a higher speed froze lines. let it sit, poured anti-freeze and water remover in tank put two gallons of fresh and boom, off to the races. stopped at a gas station shut it down, topped off with good gas, started it up and let it idle while i went inside, came out about fifteen minutes later and it had shut off. six hours later and me freezing i got a tow home. the next day when it warmed I came home and fired it up. it ran for about fifteen secs. and shut off. Now I checked fuel pressure to rail...good. Checked injector with power probe (clicking), hooked it back up to the fuel rail and left it out of the eng, no injector pulse. could I have fried the ecm by running a jumper or is this something unrelated. I am a mechanic by trade and a good one, but i guess the desire to find things like this on your own vehichles arent as fun as doing for pay. i dont have a scanner here to check injector pulse or even a niod light to backprobe harness, I would have it towed to my shop where i have everything but, its almost two hours away. If you can give me any advice to fix this before the end of the weekend ai would appreciate it i bought another truck today just in case but i would like to get it running to move it before the next big storm.:gunsfiring:
  2. green mt boy

    green mt boy Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    88 f250

    try cutting out all the plugs on the left fender well and butt connect them with heat shrink tubing