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This noob needs help!

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by prostreetcamaro, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. prostreetcamaro

    prostreetcamaro Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    Hey guys I am new to this site. I visit lawnsite often and thats how I heard about this site.

    Anyway here is the problem we have. We have a Meyer E-60 that came on our 1998 K2500. We purchased it used with 40,000 on it in 2000. When ever we get the chance to use the plow (not often around here) the plow tends to creep down going down the road. About every 10-15 minutes we have to raise it back up before it starts to drag the ground. We have also noticed that it doesn't seem to have a ton of lifting power or angle power. If the snow gets heavy or deep it wont hold a sharp angle and starts to creep back to the straight position and I also cant raise it to pile snow up. Somebody told us locally that it sounds like the A valve isn't closing fully but these plows are totally foreign to me. I am sure I can fix it myself if I just knew what was wrong with it. One last thing here. Is it normal for the plow to drop and slam fairly hard when you lower it? If not then thats a problem too.

    BTW they are calling for a potential big snow here Monday evening through Wednesday. payup
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  2. wild bill

    wild bill PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,239

    problem child

    i am sorry you bought the meyer plow when they are in good working order they do not move very fast, get on meyer's web site and download and print off a copy of their service manual ! it might help.sounds like you have conflicting problems.if the plow hit a big chunk of Ice or curb to hard or fast you could have damaged the crossover relief valve causing it to not hold angle or the b or c valve.if you try to pull the coils off and they come off hard the valve are swelled and will not open or close all the way.as far as not holding in the raise position,the ram packing cup could be worn out:confused:
  3. LMG Masonry Inc

    LMG Masonry Inc Member
    Messages: 35

    would try changing the hydraulic fluid. adjusting the Quill [small screw located on top of the valve manifold] controls drop speed:guns. I have a western but should be similar:gunsfiring:
  4. CMB55

    CMB55 Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    Help for Meyer E-60

    Google Angelo's supply they have an excellent troubleshooting link for Meyers and Western.They sell all of the parts as well,there is a specific refference to the problems you're having but I don't remeber which Solenoid it is that needs to be replaced or cleaned. I downloaded and printed the entire thing ,but let it go when I sold the Meyers plow last fall.
    Got a new truck and went with the Snowway cloesout. So far this has been the least snow on record for us here in the U.P. so I can't compare them yet.