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Is it just me or are the plows nowadays getting thinner and thinner by the year. I visited one of my lawn care buddies and he has 4 trucks, all Chevys. He was just taking off his plows that day and he was working onn his 94' 2500 Meyer poly plow and I compared this plow with the new Meyer poly plow on his 01' 2500HD. The newer plow looked a lot cheaper. I could see right through the plow in the light. Has anyone else realized this because i'd think that the newer one would crack easier because it was thinner.

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You think plows are thinner,you should walk up to a new $35K pickup,and lightly press on the sheetmetal,man it has gotten thin.In an effort to reduce weight,and cost the big 3 are making them thinner,I think the new GM;s are the worst,followed by Dodge,the SD seems to have the strongest sheetmetal to me.The Meyer plows have always been thin,I havent seen one in while,i dont know anyone that uses them anymore.


Haven't seen a new Meyer poly or Steel, but I can tell you that my 7.5,has lasted 8 seasons now. Haven't broke anything, but did beef it up some. I have it mounted on my '76 GMC 2500.

I must have had at least ten guys put down my old rig along with the Meyer and my modifications. Also how I use it: grading and
spreading crushed cinder, and plowing snow.

I ALWAYS plow low and slow. Have a shift kit and a LOW STALL
converter as opposed to a high stall.

Seen lots of new rigs and plows. Seen all the posts on them too.
Think I'll stick with what works for me. My rig and plow are outside in the elements all year long. I do follow Chucks maintainence guidelines. Good info no matter what rig you drive or plow you use.

This whole thing reminds me of the old joke about the two bulls on the hill. The young bull tells the old bull " let's race down this road and plow all the snow on it." The old bull says " let's go slow and plow 'em all".

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