Thinking of putting a plow on a 2000 Dakota w? 125000 miles advice?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by rob mac, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. rob mac

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    Hi guys new to the forum great site. I'm thinking of putting a plow on my dakota. It has 125000 miles on it never abused. I want to pick up some driveways and maybe a few small parking lots. The dakota is almost paid off so i'm debateing to buy a bigger truck w/ a plow or use the dakota.

    It is a 2000 with a V8.

    Also anyone here sell used plows?

    Thanks ,

  2. MileHigh

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    Go for It!! I would find a good local dealer and pick a plow from there. If I were you I would try to find a sno-way plow for your application!! There lightweight but they have down pressure, so I think they would work best for what you listed.

    But of course If you want a bigger truck. Go any of the big three, and get at least a 3/4 ton truck. My 1/2 ton does real well but I can't do half the stuff that I want do with a 1/2 ton as opposed to a 3/4 ton. Plus I truly believe that you make more money with bigger trucks!!
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    I plowed last season with a 2004 dakota quad cab with a 26 series snoway worked great.Alot eaiser to manuver than the big trucks.

    Id say look at sno-way 26 series 7.6 blade. I had a 6.8 blade on mine and it worked great but it was almost to small.I think a 7.6 would have been perfect.

    Add at least 400lbs of ballest and crank the torsion bars alittle.
  4. J&R Landscaping

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    Western Mid-weight would be perfect for your truck!

    Members on here that sell used plows are bdavis. He's in MA. Nascar24 sells some as well. Check the market place out and you'll probably stumble on some others but I know those 2 sell lots and lots!
  5. AbsoluteH&L

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    Small trucks with big engines are great because the are maneuverable and still push a good amount of snow, but they stink in 2wd around town. Use as much ballast weight as you feel you need. My Dak is squirrelly as he!! but I love the power!
  6. OP
    rob mac

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    Alright thanks for the info guys.

    I got a price for a New 7' Curtis of $3500 installed, a snoway 6'8" $4400 installed. I also found a used Meyer off of a 2000 dakota (same as my truck) for $2200 installed. Is that to much for a 8 year old plow?
  7. Runner

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    Advice? Put a new front end on it first (ball joints, tie rods, pitman arms, etc.). 125k is alot of miles for a truck of that type, and running a plow is hard on these parts. It is better to pull it into your shop (or wherever) on your own, than to have it towed at 4:30 in the morning.
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    This is all to true on a Dakota. They are know for bad ball joints.
  9. OP
    rob mac

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    I think I replaced them 2 years ago. I'll have to check my records. I'm looking at the Snow bear but I would hate to have it break on me in the middle of a storm.

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    ill just tell you my experiance take it as you will, we had a 2002 dakota v8 30k miles we replaced the tranny twice with light plowing. would i do it?? no absolutely not thats just me, you might have better luck. but remember your truck has high miles and its more prone to failure due to it.

    here was ours we traded it in for a ram 2500 with a v10

    Also if you do decide to put a plow on it.make sure you put the biggest tranny cooler you can fit on it, trust me.
  11. lawnsrusinc.

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    Robmac go with the blizzard set up not a snoway i have the same application that your looking for but i wouldnt be able to sell it to you and sleep at night. Gold pro has the right idea get the blizzard well build construction and then put some timbrens on it and your good. I agree i would go through the front end before you start taking a bunch of clients.
  12. AbsoluteH&L

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    Hey goldpro what did you run for ballast in yours. I only have about 400, but would rather spin than tear stuff up.
  13. lawnsrusinc.

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    For your dodge they say you should only need 210 lbs i would say 3-400 would be good.
  14. nbenallo33

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    once again i would have to say snoway you are doing driveways that means back dragging the down pressure works the best for that and the simple fact it will hook up and disconnect the quickest with out hooking up hoses or chains which is a pain to do in the cold and snow... i do not work for snoway but i work on snowplows for a living and the plows we see the least are snoways... ussmileyflag