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Thinking of getting an ATV to plow -

Discussion in 'ATV / UTV Snow Removal' started by morrisj2, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. morrisj2

    morrisj2 Member
    from Toronto
    Messages: 35

    I currently have a truck i plow with and plan on keeping it. I am looking at getting another truck but am also considering an ATV.

    I am curious as to what the disadvantages and advantages are to using an ATV?

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  2. DeSnowman

    DeSnowman Member
    Messages: 50

    I have three trucks for the roadways and use an ATV Yamaha Big Bear 400 with plow for sidewalks and driveways, getting a second one this year.
  3. mikeyd915

    mikeyd915 Member
    Messages: 31

    You should get a big bore ATV. 600cc and bigger. Bigger the better. Depending what you want it for, you don't need to get the biggest blade. Typical blade range from 48" to 72". A smaller blade is easier to maneuver on side walks and driveways. You should look at dealerships and online for ATV with winch/plows package. I purchases a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 800 for around $4,500.

    Advantage: Fun, fast, effective. Plus, you have it for off-season riding/work.

    Disadvantage: Can't find any.

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