Thinking about getting in the buisness...need advice..

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by eggy, Jun 14, 2000.

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    Well I have been thinking about spending some of my hard earned mowing cash on snow removel equipment. But the problem is my location in Southern Indiana only gets about two or three snows it seems the last two years. Is this worth getting involved in? I have looked at used equipment, atvs, and considered just buying a snowblower and doing residential drives.. just looking to and a little green in the pocket when it turns white out......any advice is much appreciated.....Thanks!
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    First of all. <p>All your customers need to be on a yearly contract. They pay X amount of dollars for a years sevice, bottom line if it snows you clear it, if it doesn't snow you still get money. <p>In your location if you can't do it like that then i would bother getting into the business. <p>I am sure otheres will add more information.<p>Geoff
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    I disagree with Geoff.<br>Yes you should have seasonal contracts. I have about 40% seasonal and the rest are per push. The main reason why, is that the seasonals keep cash flow coming in, and the per pushes are nice gravy on top of that. And no matter how hard you sell, some people just wont bite on the seasonal nut. We have ways of taking per pushes and get money up front from them, and it works great. <br> The pros and cons will take me way to long to write here. <br>Email me<br>I will write back with my # and will call you.<br>I will be more than happy to discuss some info with you. <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
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    i can see the sesonal contract one thing that pushing snow will also help out on is selling in commercial mowing the one stop shopping is becoming popular here. I guess Im having a time coming p with any positive numbers on snow removel lets say it snows three times here you make 1500.00 per snow 3x1500= 4500.00 the last peice of equipment I looked at was a 78 chevy westren blade ok shape for 4000.00 payments on 4000.00 for three years appx 125 month or 1500.00 year this does not include etc. and oh yeas Im not to much of a repair person all mowers I run are new plus a new two whell truck full size.....hell Im confused on what to do and on top of the Pacers loosing its to much haha....HELP!!!
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    Plus you need a second running truck with plow for a back up. Those commercial customers don't want to hear about how the transmission fell out of your truck or the plow pump or frame cracked at 2:00 AM when they're trying to open up for business at 8:00 AM. Not trying to scare you, just want you to think about all the angles before plowing in to your decision. It is a great responsibility to make sure people can safely get around during winter weather. You have to be dependable because people's lives are at stake in reality. If you have a breakdown while mowing it is not as urgent or stressful because you can always get repaired or make arrangements to cover your lawns and mow them the next day or ASAP. You don't have that option with snow. If you do jump in, definitely get extra plow parts, pumps etc. and another truck if possible. Good luck! <p>----------<br>Bill<br>Big River Landscaping
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    Good luck<br>Buy new you dont want others junk that will break down<br>Start slow and add each year<br>Save more money in the summer to live off in the winter<br>Figure your best dollar per hour<br>You can clean 10-15 driveways in an hr<br>at 10bucks a chor that 100 can you make that per hour at a lot<br>good luck<br>remember to bank on only the average number of snows the rest is gravy