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After reading (unfortunately) about Ceamen's stolen Boss I wanted to pass along an easy/inexpensive way to deter thiefs from our Minute mounts, and other plow setups.

I have found a lock made by Krytonite that is inexpensive, and highly visable to deter theft. It would be difficult to cut with bolt cutters. A torch or other methods will of course be able to remove it. I have showed it to my local Fisher dealer for this purpose, and he bought all of them that I had.

The lock is called a disc lock. It is designed for motorcycle applications. You slide it over the disc(rotor) and lock it to prevent the bike from being rolled off. It is fairly large compared to a padlock, and has a cylinder key.

To use it on a Min mount or other setup is simple. You drill a small hole in the section where the truck frame slides into the plow headgear and secure it. This prevents one side from engaging and latching. The particular ones I have sourced are bright yellow, and come with a little carry pouch for convenience.

In light of all the great info I have recieved off this site, I would be happy to give anybody more info on these. If it saved one plow friom being stolen amongst us I would feel great. Email me @ if interested in further info.

Obviously this lock will not stop the assembly from being picked up and stolen.
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Dave0,sounds like a good idea anything to keep the plows safe is worth it 20 bucks now could prevent 4-5000 dollar plow from being taken.In other post(dont remember who it was)someone said to dig a hole in the ground and fill a 5 gallon bucket with concrete and then chain your plow to that.That could keep someone from taking it away and your idea could keep someone from driving off with it.I keep my boss v in my yard behind a gate but that wouldnt stop anyone from taking it.I havent heard to much of plows being stolen here in WNY,but I wouldnt want to be the first.


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I was the first in my area too.... mine will be in the garage.... chained and locked.... Great idea about the disc brake lock! i guess I should take it off my $1000 motorcycle and keep it on my $5000 blade.....(hmmm.... or buy two)


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Good commercial grade security lights on motion sensors I've found are a must around your property. We all know that lights & locks & alarms will only stop some.. If the really want something, chances are they will get it. Good thing your truck was still there.
I have good motion sensor lighting all around my property. When I see one trip when I'm in my house, it's ussually an animal or bigger outside. Also gets the neighbors attention when they trip. The cheap ones will drive you crazy, and after awhile will not get anybodies attention like the car alarms thats always going off.

Good luck getting your rig back together!



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buy stock in the power co. keep your lot and yard lights on buy HID lights not cheep ones. You will save money in the long run also have good motin detors and if you are realy worried they also sell motion alarms that will ring in the house but locking things up do slow them down alot


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Here's a good deterent - get an electrical extension cord, strip one end and tape it to the plow, then plug the other end into the electrical socket.


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Snowman1 - Good one!! Only problem is the neighbor's dog will probably wander over to mark his territory & you'll end up getting sued LOL.

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