The Waiting Game


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Well here it is, almost October 1st and we've got a bunch of bids out there and won't hear anything on them for another week or two. Since our first snowfall (usually) doesn't come until December, most businesses don't make their decisions until October. This waiting game is driving me nuts to the point that I'm plowing snow in my sleep (too bad I'm not getting paid for it). Anyway, just curious what you guys do to 'pass the time along' so to speak and what stories you have about waiting for bid responses, getting strung along by customers, etc.?

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No, Andy, I've been working on getting equipment ready every night for the past few weeks. I'll be glad when everything is ready and I am not trying to think of it 24 hours a day. Now I just want the time available and the money to hold out past the point where everything is finished. Speaking from experience, central hydraulic systems are a ***** to put together when all you have is an idea to start with and a pile of pumps, hoses, valves and pipes.

waiting game is twisted on one hand you get anxious to see what new you get on the other hand there is all this opportunity as well


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The worst thing about waiting is that you are constantly evaluating the site everytime you go by and then you have to remember you don't have the contract yet,and the equipment is already bought or at least assigned in your head.As for thing about snow removal in my sleep, if I think about snow at all I won't get to sleep period,I'll have all of my equipment In my head and start going through all the things that need to get done before snow flies how its going to get done what it will take to finish each plow.Wouldn't have it any other way,its better than,well at least it better than a sharp stick in the eye.