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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by cat320, Sep 13, 2000.

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    My friend does plowing on state roads and he equiped his F450 with a fisher out front electric but had the frame welded on like the old ways before minmounts is there a plow that will take the abuse of bridge abutments that can be min. mounted onto a F450?
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    Explain the bridge abutment and what they are doing to the plow.Most plows will handle any form of road plowing but all will have a hard time handling a really bad bridge abutment at 45mph.I just went to the Iowa Municipal snow and ice symposium and found that many of the larger blade manufactures are making a mid range truck blade.One that I thought looked good was a Henderson snowfoe3.They also have what they call a munibody that for the right place would sure be sweet too. Their web sight is got ...dited by diggerman on 09-13-2000 at 06:29 PM]
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    the reason i asked is because he said it was better than the min. mounts i have seen that henderson that you talked about it looks pretty good.I wanted to get some other opinions besides just his if any one else had to do this with a smaller truck. thanks for your help.
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    I plow some private roads with a 10' Fisher min mount on an F 650. I have done 20 MPH down some of the roads, and the min mount hasn't been a problem. I am having a hard time understanding what was gained by welding the headgear on. Anyways tell him to look at the Diamond Pull away system, The pull alway system works like this, the frame kit, is where the plow connects too, the head gear is removable from the frame kit. It is a two peice system, so it takes more steps to totaly remove the headgear and blade. However the actually plow pins connect right into the frame kit, and not into a another component before attaching the the frame kit.