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The question of the year

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by elmo1537, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. elmo1537

    elmo1537 Senior Member
    Messages: 116

    Originally I was going to buy a snow ex 8000 or 8500 for next year but after reading all of the terrible things i dont even want to get near one. So here is the question. Is there a company that makes a spreader like the snow ex (but without all of the headaches) that you can control the feed rate and also the spinner rate seperately. I like the idea because i have some places that i want to put down a lot of salt in a small area and also in the same lot that i want to be able to spread two lanes wide. I know I can gate some of the vee boxes down but what i am really looking is something i can adjust in the cab, on the go. The snow ex sounds like the perfect spreader if it didnt have so many problems. Any help would be great. By the way I now have snow ex 1075 spreader and i love it but next year i am switching to bulk and would like a vee box.
  2. fordboy

    fordboy Senior Member
    Messages: 300

    Were running 2 8000's and one 6000 had 1 8000 and 6000 3 seasons, and the other 8000 one season, no problems I think they are a fantastic product. I just bought another 8000 from a memeber on here and look forward to having it in the fleet. I think there just like everything that is mass produced you get some bad ones. I would not sweat buying one if I were you.

    BCLARK Member
    Messages: 37

    You might want to look at the Beyers "Salt Dogg". We bought one this year and so far are very happy with it. Everything is controlled from inside the cab.

  4. PaleRider

    PaleRider Senior Member
    Messages: 112

    Snow Ex Spreader

    waving: Elmo,
    I'm curious, what are the problems you've heard about? I have a Snow Ex. I have no problems with it. I have made some upgrades from what the factory did, but there simple things nothing major. You're going to run bulk? I use bulk (Magic Salt) in my spreader no problems. Do you have a need for the Vee Box? How will you load it onto you truck and how will you load it? Food for thought. I now see how old this thread is :sleeping: Ah, maybe it will help someone who stumples onto this.

    Plow on!
    Pale Rider :gunsfiring:
  5. kipcom

    kipcom Senior Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 455

    again...... We use them...We like them...NO problems here....Maybe its those people who are having problems, that are the problem ?

    Maintenance is the BIG key to making any equipment work well and last. wesport
  6. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    In my fourth season with a VeeProo8000. Love it. Hassle free, two guys load it in the truck. Independent feed spreader controls. Cann't beat it for shak'n salt.

    Have a number out working in customers trucks. Have one customer with 3.
  7. VanceCox@RASK

    VanceCox@RASK Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Snow-Ex Vee Pro's Are Good To Go

    The Snow-Ex Vee Pro Spreaders have been out long enough to get any of the bugs worked out of them. They had a few minor problems at first....like controllers burning up which they fixed by putting a fuse in them. I have heard of people having trouble with the material flowing good with the 8000 when they were using a salt/sand mixture. Snow-
    Ex offers an accessory vibrator kit to mount on the rear of the unit to solve this. Also I've heard of guys "blocking" up the front of the unit to make it sit higher in the front to help the material flow better. I sold snow-ex products for quite a few years, and believe me some of their products are better than others. But don't be afraid to buy a Vee Pro, they are good to go! Oh Yeah, DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THAT MEAN OLE KIP GUY! He thinks he is all that and then some. He should know by now that Vance & R.A.S.K. run Indianapolis! Hey Kip, just kiddin dude! (I sold him his first fine Boss Snowplow) However, R.A.S.K. is always looking for independant contractors in almost all of Indiana and even a few areas in Ohio. Hope I could be of some help, Vance.